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Worth it to me, but be forewarned. Circular saw for trimming the edges and cutting out spaces for the table saw and miter saw. Jigsaw for making the finish cuts. Build a DIY mobile workbench with space for your table saw with these plans. This mobile workbench is great to maximize your work area in a. Build the ultimate DIY mobile workbench that fits both your table saw and miter saw with these plans. Maximize space and optimize workflow. 1ST DEGREE HEART BLOCK CAN BE IDENTIFIED BY COMODO

Every home woodworker knows how invaluable a tool their trusty table saw can be. However, have you ever thought about how you can improve your basic table saw? Sound like a fun idea? Well here are 11 table saw workbench plans we found so you can have a go at trying it at home for yourself. Whenever you need an idea for a DIY project or a plan to build something, this site is always a reliable first stop, as is the case with this plan.

There are also plenty of useful photos to show you what you should be doing at each step, making this an easy plan to follow, even for DIY rookies. As the author mentions at the beginning, there are a lot of plans out there for some extremely complicated workbenches that incorporate a whole range of tools. This is a simple plan for making a workbench with a table saw and a router all in one. There are many benefits of creating a workbench like this, and many are listed with the plans, but which one did the author choose as the first and most important?

That it looks amazing! Having an attractive and functional workbench at home will make all your DIY projects so much easier. You will have somewhere to work, you will be able to store tools safely out of the way and you will have a focus for everything you do. The thing is, if you buy a workbench ready-made, it can be an expensive acquisition — but if you are an adept DIYer, you can simply make one for yourself. To be honest, the instructions are a little bit lacking, but you could take this on as something of a challenge.

This is a very simple design for a workbench on which to place your table saw that also offers you somewhere to store your wood. There are lots of useful photos on there — with all the measurements included — to make this plan as easy to follow as possible. This helps keep the tutorials and plans free here at Bitterroot DIY. Thank you for your support! See my full disclosure here. In case you missed it, last week I shared the plans for the new miter saw stand. My goal with the shop is to maximize space, but still be able to park the car in there when necessary.

The miter saw stand is a permanent workbench at the back of the shop, but I also put together a DIY mobile workbench. I built it around the table saw so it works as an out-feed table when I use the saw, but then I can lower the blade and use the whole table top. I use it every day and assemble every. See Step 11 for all the details. If you want to add the MicroJig Dovetail clamps , you also need:. The lumber and cut lists are available for purchase.

Your purchase also includes a downloadable PDF of the plans. If you prefer, the plans are available in the post below — you simply have to calculate the lumber and cut lists yourself. Thank you for your support. Assemble the bottom frame as shown below. However, since this is just a workbench, I simply screwed through the frame into the shorter 2x4s.

The bottom of the frame should sit flush with the bottom of the legs. I attached the side legs to the frame first and then drove a couple screws through the legs into the narrow side of the front and back legs to secure them together. You can see the approximate location of the screws in the diagram below. I assembled the frame upside down to get top frame flush with the tops of the legs.

Simply flip the bench over, move the new top frame into place, make sure everything is sitting flat on the ground, and attach the legs to the frame. No need to worry about clamping or balancing the top frame in mid-air while you try to attach it! Use a jigsaw to cut the section for your table saw out of the table top. The dimensions shown work for my table saw. Adjust as necessary. I used washers on each screw since the screw heads were smaller than the holes in the caster wheels. You could also use washer head screws.

To add the MicroJig dovetail clamps, simply route a dovetail along the workbench wherever you want to place the clamps. No need to add any metal track or anything like that! Next, use the MicroJig dovetail router bit to cut the dovetail:. Just a heads up — I built this bench to fit my Ryobi table saw. Make sure to measure your table saw and adjust accordingly. For more project ideas, you can find me on Pinterest. And to stay up to date with the latest shenanigans, follow me on Instagram.

I built a bench using your diagrams and measurements it turned out good. I'm going to modify the other end of bench and install my router table. I modified your cutout to match my equipment. Turns out my Craftsman saw is a bit wider than yours, and same for the router table I put on the other end.

I also used retractable casters, since I found that the 3 inch wheels I first installed were developing flat spots under the load, and weren't too stable to begin with. I am very impressed with your work. I just ordered a table saw and will be using your plan as my guide. Have the materials and tools lined up and can't wait to start.

Just did this build, thanks for the solid plans. I tweaked it to be quite a bit shorter and cut bevels and channels to fit the DeWalt rack and pinion fence.

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