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06G - Shaker Workbench Plan Benchcrafted Workbench Plans the information you need to build two versatile adaptations of traditional workbenches. It's a sophisticated set of plans that take the guesswork out of building the workbench of your dreams. The measured drawings and detailed construction. The vises are massive and glide effortlessly as billed and the plans were Jim Kirkpatrick's Benchcrafted Roubo Leg Vise Detail Woodworking Workbench. WESCO CITRIX LOGIN

This massive split-top bench offers excellent clamping capabilities, incorporating a leg vise on the front and a tail vise at one end vises not included. The 87" long, 24" wide and 35" high bench weighs over lb if made from hard maple. Based on historic examples, the Shaker workbench provides plenty of built-in storage, with much of the base devoted to cabinetry.

It incorporates a leg vise, tail vise vises not included and sliding deadman to offer a range of work-holding options. The 86" long, 25" wide and 35" high bench weighs about lb if made from hard maple. An Error has occured, please try again.

Yes, take me to Lee Valley Canada Cancel. French technical schools of the late 19th and early 20th centuries were outfitted with benches just like this. The bench goes together with only one type of joint: the drawbored half-lap mortise and tenon.

We refined this joint during our French Oak Roubo Projects and it is, for this purpose, indestructable. The bench can be built shorter by simply decreasing the length of the legs. Likewise, a longer version of the bench can be made by simply increasing the length of the top. The bench, although lighter than our fully-outfitted Split Top Roubo, holds its own under rigorous planing activities.

This is helped by building the bench out of a dense species like hard maple. Because of the simplicity of the Classic Workbench, all components are offered ala carte. For working the edges of boards, the Classic is a joy to use. For working the ends of smaller boards the leg vise can be used, but for larger work like dovetailing, we use and recommend the Moxon vise.

For longer edge work, simply attach a batten to the right leg with a holdfast to support the workpiece. For more in-depth information, please download our Classic Workbench Construction Notes. Three 20" x 30" printed sheets of the measured drawings.

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