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Suspend these lights overhead or mount them above your workspace. Strip Machine Lights. Hykolity 4FT 36W Linkable LED Shop Light with Cord, lm Hanging or FlushMount Garage Utility Light, K Overhead Workbench Light. This light kit provides direct overhead lighting to brighten any work surface where additional lighting is needed. The light fixture hangs from cantilever. FILEZILLA HOSTING

Each of its four LED panels can be angled how you need, offering light to all parts of your garage. Plus, its light is energy-saving, making it a more eco-friendly choice. With four oblong bulbs, lumens of brightness, and kelvin, the light will bring bright, cool-toned lighting to any garage. With this light, you can hang it from your ceiling or mount it flush. Once it's plugged in, just pull the handy chain to turn it on and off. It's worth noting, however, that the power cord is only 5 feet long, so you might need an extension cord depending on where your outlets are.

Although most utility lighting you'll find on the market today uses LEDs, this garage light from Tanbaby stands out from the rest. It's got three adjustable heads, each boasting ultra-bright bulbs, lumens, kelvin, and a CRI of 80 to offer degrees of crystal-clear illumination. And since it only uses 60 watts of power, you can save on energy costs too. Blashaw is a fan of Kichler lighting in the garage, and we can see why. Measuring 48 x 9 x 3 inches, the brand's fluorescent Wraparound Light has a steel frame and a textured acrylic shade for ambient yet bright illumination.

The light, which is great for garages, basements, and workshops, mounts flush to the ceiling. The hanging fixture features an integrated motion detector that'll automatically illuminate when you walk or drive in the garage. If you're concerned about utility costs, this light has got you covered. You can also set it to turn off after no motion is detected for a few minutes, so it won't light up too much. If you need extra lighting, however, you can easily connect multiple fixtures thanks to an included end-to-end connector.

If you're worried about humidity damaging your fixture or causing an electrical hazard, we recommend the Airand Waterproof LED Shop Light. It has a 66 IP Ingress Protection rating, meaning it's impenetrable to dust, water, and other moisture. The light is offered in two different sizes, with some sets including plugs and additional pieces. If you need additional lighting, the light can be connected to up to ten tube lights as well, so you can create your ideal lighting experience.

With lumens and kelvin, this garage light offers bright, glare-free illumination for the task at hand. It can be mounted or hung from the ceiling, wall, or underneath a cabinet and turns on and off with a convenient pull chain. Garages often don't have many outlets—or any at all—which is why battery-powered lights, like the TooWell LED Ceiling Light, certainly come in handy.

The light takes four D-cell batteries and includes mounting hardware for easy installation. Whether you hang it from your ceiling or attach it to a wall, the built-in motion sensor will activate the LEDs from as far as 20 feet away. It's worth noting, however, the light doesn't include any batteries, so you'll need to purchase them separetly.

Material: Aluminum, polycarbonate Lumens: Kelvin: 3 different color temperatures Wattage: 3 watts Installation: Stick on. Goodland Under Cabinet Lighting comes in packs of one or three bars, each with 80 energy-saving LEDs, three color temperature modes, and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

What's more, they're super easy to install thanks to the included adhesive magnetic strips. If you've got a light socket in your garage, all you really need is a good-quality bulb, like the SkyGenius Daylight LED. This corn-style bulb provides lumens and kelvin for cool-white illumination. Plus, it uses less energy than that of a standard incandescent light.

The light is offered in three different wattages—25, 35, and Plus, it has a lifespan that's about five times longer than that of regular lightbulbs, so you won't have to worry about replacing it too often over time. We appreciate the tri-panel design, the high kelvin and lumens ratings, and its ability to screw into an existing light socket. However, if you're looking for something even more affordable, go with the budget-friendly Baloray LED Garage Lights 80W Lumens, which also calls for screw-in installation and boasts high lumens and high kelvin view at Walmart.

When shopping around for garage lighting, the first thing to consider is the type of fixture you need. Blashaw says to ask yourself, "Is it a task light? Is it a light to show off your architecture? Is it a utility light?

There are options that mount to the ceiling or screw into an existing socket, which are designed to illuminate the entire space. Then you'll find models better suited for smaller areas. Additionally, some garage lighting like under-cabinet bars should be used to supplement larger fixtures, as they don't typically offer enough illumination on their own.

LEDs short for light-emitting diodes are a type of low-wattage bulb that's up to 90 percent more efficient than its standard incandescent counterpart. This is appealing to many households, as it helps cut down on energy consumption. LEDs also last much longer than other types of lights, often up to 50, hours, which equates to several decades in most cases.

Lumens are units of "luminous flux," meaning they measure the amount of visible light emitted by a bulb. According to Blashaw, "You want high lumens in the s or s and the highest kelvin you can find. Kelvin measures the color temperature of lights in terms of coolness white or warmness golden. The higher the kelvin, the closer a bulb's color temperature will be to mimicking natural sunlight.

You should also consider the installation method before ordering a lighting fixture for your garage. For instance, some options can be screwed into a light socket, while others must be wired. You'll also find flush-mount and hanging models, as well as battery-powered options with adhesive backings. While blaring fluorescent lights were once the go-to for illuminating the garage, bright, long-lasting, energy-efficient LEDs have become the new standard go-to.

When choosing LED lighting for your garage, look for brightness of around lumens the measurement for brightness for the best result. You might also consider installing motion sensor lighting in a garage that will turn on and off by itself for convenience and safety. Energy-efficient LED lights cost more upfront, but they will save you money over time. LEDs are also better for the environment—a small, simple consumer choice we can all make to help reduce energy consumption.

Because they do not need to heat up in order to light up, LEDs are also particularly well suited for unheated garages in cold climates. A garage should be well lit for safety purposes, whether you are driving in and out, moving between the car and your door, or using the garage for hobbies like woodworking, working out, laundry, or other activities. Cell Culture Flasks. Cell Culture Media. Cryogenic Storage. Fetal Calf and Other Sera.

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Assay Tools. Gene Editing and Gene Synthesis Tools. See All Categories. Please sign in to view account pricing and product availability. Sign In Don't have a profile? Filtered Search Results Product from some of our suppliers do not display in Filtered Search results.

Please clear all filters to see these products. Lighting Life 50, hours 4. Recommended Applications Education 1 Safety 1. Workstation and Task Lighting Lamps and light fixtures of various sizes and intensities designed for a wide variety of applications. Products include LED lights in a range of configurations such as desk lamps, tube lights, and bench-mounted lighting assemblies. Light Source. Fisher Scientific Edge Order by 2 p.

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The full welded carton shelf with hoop dividers will mount to any of our workstations with an overhead structure. This style shelf is typically used to store totes or boxes needed for a specific application. The fixed 30' angle This steel shelf is 12" deep and mounts to any of our benches with a split overhead structure set-up. This style shelf is typically used to store totes or boxes needed for a specific application, and will mount to The 3 shelf light duty storage unit is the perfect shelving item when needing to keep organization of various small This small 8" deep shelf is half flat and half angled.

The flat area is perfect for a flat screen The overhead lockable drop down door cabinet will mount to any workstation with a split overhead structure. These cabinets can The full welded carton shelf with hoop dividers will mount to any of our workstations with a split overhead structure This 16 gauge full welded cantilevered shelf is 16" deep and will mount to any of our workbenches with a This 12" deep, 4 sided steel cantilevered shelf is the best kept secret with all of our overhead shelving, and The can holder shelf is designed to hold 6 cans, and mount to any workbenches with a split overhead structure This is our basic style overhead structure made up with a pair of straight uprights that will mount to the This style overhead structure set-up has a fixed 16" deep top shelf which acts as a shelf along with a The angled overhead structure was designed to get the light fixture up and out of the workspace area.

This style Half width pegboards are available on any of our workbenches with a split overhead structure. The white melamine boards are The sliding steel pegboard set-up will mount to any of our workstations with a split overhead structure.

This pegboard attaches Full width melamine pegboards are available on all of our workstations with a full width structure. We offer various heights Our heavy-duty steel pegboard panel is designed to mount to our standard overhead structures and allows for almost infinite placement The tiltable shelf is made with all 16 gauge components and will mount to any work table with an overhead The 4 way adjustable spool holder will mount to any work bench with an overhead structure.

The unit will adjust The 24" deep side mount spool holder will accomidate rolls up to 48" diameter custom depths available. Each unit can This 12" deep, 4 sided steel cantilevered shelf is the best kept secret with all of our overhead shelving. The 4 outlet electrical strip with mount rail will mount to any of our workstations with an overhead structure. The 6 outlet electrical strip with mount rail will mount to any of our workstations with an overhead structure.

The 8 outlet electrical strip with mount rail will mount to any of our workstations with an overhead structure. Any work bench with an overhead structure can have another set of uprights added to extend the structure up to The split overhead structure with fluorescent light fixture will bolt onto any Stackbin workbench. The unit includes the angled overhead The tiltable feature allows you to adjust the angle of the fluorescent light on any work bench by simply loosening The tiltable steel shelf will adjust from flat to a 45 degree angle simply by loosening the hand knobs located The articulating printer stand will attach to any of our workstations with an overhead structure.

The tray measures 22" x The articulating tape tray will attach to any of our packing tables with an overhead structure. The tray measures This simple 16" tape arm is a great accessory that provides an area to store un-used rolls of tape. Suspend these lights overhead or mount them above your workspace.

Similar in function to tubular machine lights, except strip machine lights have a flat lens that directs light downward. Mount these lights into a recessed opening on your machine— they sit flush against the surface for a streamlined appearance. Just like traditional tubular lights that illuminate your machine with a bright white light, these lights can also be programmed to switch over to a red or green light for communicating machine status. These classic-style machine lights have a reflector to distribute light more evenly than strip machine lights.

Update conventional fluorescent tubular lights with newer LED technology. These lights are furnished with brackets that have the same hole pattern as most older lights for easy changeover. These low-profile lights stay out of sight when mounted under a cabinet. Use them to free up space on your work surface.

A flexible design allows these lights to be suspended above, wrapped around, or routed through areas on the job site. The gooseneck arm on these lights allows you to direct light exactly where it's needed. They have a reflector that distributes light more evenly than other portable lights.

Because these lights have a reflector, they distribute light more evenly than other portable lights. A motion sensor turns on these lights when an enclosure door is opened. Mount them inside cabinets, closets, and other enclosed spaces.

Illuminate your electronics cabinets and racks with long-lasting LED lights. Communicate a status at a glance by wiring these strip lights to change color when a part is malfunctioning inside your enclosure. Illuminate workstations, enclosures, and machines. LED magnifiers offer long life and emit a focused, even light beam for distortion-free viewing.

Lock the adjustable arm into position to maintain a steady view even near vibrating machinery. Email Us From. We will reply to your message within two hours. Log in. Create login. Mount Type. Light Technology. Electrical Connection Type. Overall Length. Bulbs Included. Color Temperature. Plug Type. Food and Beverage. Light Appearance. Arm Reach. Cord Length.

Beam Spread. Lens Material. Bulb Rated Life. Environmental Rating. NEMA 4X. Specifications Met. CE Marked. View catalog pages Send Cancel. How can we improve? About Brightness. About Light Appearance. Gooseneck-Arm Spot Workstation Lights. Articulating-Arm Workstation Lights. Gooseneck-Arm Workstation Lights.

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