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microtime() returns the current Unix timestamp with microseconds. MySQL MySQLi Database Use the delete command to delete blank rows in MySQL. i've tried to use microtime in session as validation and lock the Let's do it, open 2 connections in your client (MySQL Workbench or. MySQL has fractional seconds support for TIME, DATETIME, and TIMESTAMP values, with up to microseconds (6 digits) precision: To define a column that. MANAGEENGINE OPMANAGER DASHBOARD CHRYSLER

What can cause PHP to spend do much time connecting to the database? Can it be that your mysql tries to run rev-dns query whenever you connect? This is taken almost verbatim from my answer here , but I know we frown on link-only answers on SO so I imagine you guys do as well If you are having this problem and using a version of Windows before Windows 7, this is probably not the answer to your problem.

If either step fails name resolution or connection it will fallback to IPv4, running an A lookup and trying this host instead. What this means in practice is that if the IPv6 localhost lookup is successful but MySQL is not bound to the IPv6 loopback, you will need to wait for one connection timeout cycle before the IPv4 fallback occurs and the connection succeeds. This was not an issue prior to Windows 7, because localhost resolution was done via the hosts file, and it came preconfigured with only Since Windows 7, however, localhost resolution is built into the DNS resolver, for reasons outlined here.

This means that the IPv6 lookup will now succeed - but MySQL is not bound to that IPv6 address, so the connection will fail, and you will see the delay outlined in this question. You have a few options. Looking around the internet, the general "solution" seems to be to use the IP address explicitly instead of the name, but there are a couple of reasons not to do this, both portability related, both arguably not important:.

If you move your script to another machine that only supports IPv6, your script will no longer work. They aren't. You should be designing your application so that this sort of thing is defined in a configuration file. If you move your script to another environment, chances are other things will need configuring as well. In summary, using the IP address is not the best solution, but it is most likely an acceptable one. The best way would be to change the bind address that the MySQL server uses.

However, this is not as simple as one might like. Unlike Apache, Nginx and almost every other sane network service application ever made, MySQL only supports a single bind address, so it's not just a case of adding another one. You need to be running MySQL 5. You have 4 options docs , depending on what you want to do:. The one you are probably familiar with, and the one that you are most likely effectively using, 0.

This binds to all available IPv4 addresses on the machine. This actually is probably not the best thing to do even if you don't care about IPv6, as it suffers the same security risks as An explicit IPv4 or IPv6 address for example This binds the server to that address and only that address. The magic string This is potentially a security risk, only do this if you need MySQL to accept connections from remote hosts. Use an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address. This is quite unlikely to be useful to you for anything other than the "dual loopback" address ::ffff This is most likely the best solution for most people, only binding to the loopback but allowing both IPv4 and IPv6 connections.

Don't modify the hosts file. The DNS resolver knows what to do with localhost , redefining it will at best have no effect, and at worst confuse the hell out of the resolver. What about --skip-name-resolve? Disabling name resolution will fix this problem, but it does have other ramifications, notably that any access permissions configured to use a DNS name in the Host condition will now fail.

If you are going to do this, you will need to configure all your grants to use IP addresses instead of names. Well, it's quite obvious what the reason is. PHP really good at some things, but not at directly translating 'localhost' into ' You must try that, it will really lower your overall website page loading time, because it holds PHP back from checking your HOSTS file and what not it's doing to get the real IP address behind 'localhost'.

You can also eliminate the query slowdown by making a small adjustment to your db connection variable which is hopefully in a separate file from your scripts for portability. Change the host value to " This bypasses the lengthy DNS lookup for localhost. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group.

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Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Improve this answer. The problem the 2 different cron schedule can process the same data at the same time using this function and it will make the refund process can be called twice , so the customer will receive double refund amount. How can i handle this kind of problem, when a 2 same function running at the same time to process same data? Concurrency-aware applications are not tested by stress tests only because you are not controlling what is going to happen and you might be unlucky and the test results in the good results, while you still have a sneaky bug in your application - and trust me concurrency bugs are the worst : -.

You need to open 2 clients DB sessions and simulate the race condition by your hand, opening 2 connections in MySQL workbench is enough. The MySQL manual stated. For other search conditions, and for non-unique indexes, InnoDB locks the index range scanned I wish I lock only the rows returned by the select statement :.

I don't know about your application, but if this cron mission is only to cancel the pending orders, then get rid of it and just start the cancellation process when the user cancels his order. Check for errors after every SQL statement. If you get a "deadlock" of "wait timeout", the start the transaction over. The clasic example of a "deadlock" is when one connection grabs two rows and another connection grabs the same rows, but in the opposite order.

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Install dbeaver ubuntu command line But not always, not for every value. Optimizing Spatial Analysis. Sign up using Email and Password. One of the transactions will be aborted by InnoDB, and anything it has done inside the transaction will be undone. Accept all cookies Customize settings. GeometryCollection Class.
Citrix ups print driver certification tool Otherwise, code must be rewritten. Question feed. Email Required, but never shown. Functions that take temporal arguments accept values with fractional seconds. There is a default timeout of a generous 50 seconds before an error is given. Fractional Seconds in Time Values. Conversion Between Date and Time Types.
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