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free work bench designs woodworking plans blueprints download wooden drying rackmetal workshop bench plans do it yourself furniture mid century modern. This easy to build workbench is big and strong and will be a valuable addition to any shop, so get the free plans to make your own! Don't buy, build! Here's a collection of free DIY workbench plans for your woodworking hobby. If you need some ideas to build the bench, look nowhere else. TIGHTVNC VS ULTRAVNC VS REALVNC VS TEAMVIEWER 6

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Folding Workbench. Garage Workbench. Hardworking Workbench. Heavy-Duty Workbench. Hide-Away Workbench. Knock Down Workbench. Living Room Workbench. Lock Up Workbench. It only took a few solid hours to build. Would recommend this design to anyone, who likes to DIY. But know when I look at this, I am proud of my handy work. Thanks for sharing the design, It is great. Thanks Jack! Hey Nick. I love this design.

I am going to modify it slightly so I can add casters to move it around the shop. Hey im a complete noob at this. I built this workbench today. It was a fun project. The bench is very stable. I did make one little change, I did not build in the little shelf, opting for a single bottom shelf, instead I used the extra lumber to double up the framing for the top shelf.

Thanks very much for making these plans. I could not have created something like this of my own imagination. You have my gratitude. Thank you for the kind words! Hopefully, the workbench will allow you to take on some more projects!

Make sure you have a look around our site to see other free plans that you may be able to tackle! Thank you for sharing. Going to give this a try this weekend. Great to hear, Bill! Please let us know how it goes, we always love seeing photos of the projects our readers build using our plans!

Thanks again was able to do the project in about hours of work time. Plans were great and really happy how it came out. Thanks again for providing for sharing the design. My sister and I built this table yesterday in about 4. Great design and clear plans. The most difficult part was getting that mdf shelf in place — heavy stuff and a tight fit! That is so great to hear, Elizabeth!

Feel free to send us a photo or tag us on Instagram so we can see your build! Can you use full rough sawn 2 x 4s for this? I know framing timber might be nicer it ends up being less than full 2 x 4. Thanks for the post. Planning a build now. Nick and Alicia, thank you so much for these fantastic bench plans and the super resourceful site. I am also planning to build in a vertical set of drawers but I can clearly see how to use Kregg screws to build the vertical and horizontal structure to mount the hardware.

Thanks again. That sounds great, Ron! Be sure to let us know once you finish, we always love seeing photos of the finished projects! Thank you! That is great, Greg! You can always post to Instagram and tag us nick. I tried to find it online without luck. Your email address will not be published. Simple Wooden Swing Set Plans.

Comments Looking forward to giving this a shot! Thanks again for the share! No problem Matt! Send me a pic of the final build! How is the top secured? Did you just screw it from the top? Hi Hugo!

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You will get a simple design with rollers to increase portability. The first step is to brainstorm all your knowledge and skills to make a sketch or 3D sample. Other starting stages, such as preparing supplies or sanding, are also explained carefully.

You will probably spend a whole weekend on this project. This workbench measures 42H x 60L x With only a few bucks, you will own professional instruction on how to create a premium workbench. Its sleek design, strength, and versatility will help to elevate your typical garage. The instruction features a super detailed description text with photos and a technical drawing plan with measurements.

The author also provided many tips to make the project more practical. This workbench has a sleek and sturdy silhouette with 2 tabletops. You can also customize the design to fit your needs. The author divides his content into 5 particular tabs so that the article is easy to read.

Click on each tab to view the steps, tools, materials, and cut list. You only need to add a plywood table top and shelves if possible. Fliptop cart is a space-saving solution allowing you to attach a tool on one side and then flip it over to hide it out of your sight. The article will provide you with enough information about this unique design and color diagrams to help you build it right away.

You could find a way to hold everything in this workbench and roll it along with you. This smart design features baffles of different sizes and no drawer. Still, it can store many small things like painting cans, brushes, screw divers, etc. Here we are at the dream workbench plan that everybody thinks of. It includes just about everything you need for woodworking: a folding table, a roll-out table saw stand, a metier table, cabinets, and shelves.

The vast amount of parts and functions will take you longer and more materials to finish. Nevertheless, the complexity level is just a novice. The design might be lame, but the guarantee is its high quality. The author wrote this plan thoroughly: he divided it into 35 small steps, each step has its own instruction print download free. He also used a lot of joints and wedged mortise to ensure rigidity.

The white painting, along with the drawer and shelves combination, will remind you of the furniture in Ikea stores. This workbench can move around and create extra storage for your tools. The plan includes a minute long video so you can watch and follow it step-by-step. This workbench features metal legs and frames, tool chests, and casters.

The bowling alley lane top is finished, while the bottom shelf is rough and uneven. Moreover, this workbench is quite heavy and bulky, so we recommend it for large workshops. No glue is required since the building method is full-nailing a tongue and groove together.

The cutting and assembly instructions are also legible with close-up photos. This workbench is suitable for light to medium gearhead jobs, not for hammering or standing on it. It has adequate room for all your woodworking equipment and ample space. Using the tools and the shopping lists to compile what you need and then follow the directions to prepare for an hour of building this simple workbench.

It only requires 2 plywood sheets and necessary hardware. The top is foldable on 2 sides so that you can turn the whole workbench into a compact cabinet in seconds. You can roll it around quickly with 4 wheels beneath. This is a multipurpose assembly table that fits a workshop space the most. One prominent feature is the dividers, allowing you to place your drills or guns upright in each cell. This design takes up no floor space because the workbench is totally mounted onto the wall.

Once your work is done, fold it back into the wall. There is a GIF that gives you a better visualization of how it folds up and down. A full technical drawing is also included for your reference. There are many design variations of workbench like drawers, cabinets, or table saws. This plan explains how to set the base for holding every tool, cut the board, and assemble all parts.

Be sure to read it from the start to the end since the method is quite complicated. We really appreciate this plan because it listed all the tools, materials, and cut list in tables. Even the how-to description is also displayed in separate sections.

There are also formulas for size and detailed diagrams. This is a table saw workbench — the finished product has no shelf or storage. Build for your kids a complete workbench set with a tabletop, bottom shelf, and a pegboard. This free project provides a tool list, supply lists, sketches, color images, and construction directions step by step. The small silhouette also adds a lovely vibe to the area.

You can also change the dimensions to make it a workbench for small adults. Consequently, portability is its biggest plus. You can follow the cutting list, technical sketch, and the instruction video. Classic style always lasts forever and never out of date. Although the design is super simple, the author needs to provide more close-up images of their work from our perspective.

Old bed or wooden crate pallets are still useful if you know how to make use of them. Just build a frame and attach those pallets to it to make a brand new workbench. It has no shelf, so everything will be put on top of the table. You can sit or stand comfortably on the tabletop. This plan offers the most traditional workbench design with 1 tabletop and 1 bottom shelf both have the same dimensions.

Furthermore, after each step, the author always gives out top tips to help readers smooth the building process. This workbench includes a miter saw stand and can be customized easily. There are rolling carts to tuck the workbench in every corner once the work is done.

The miter saw stand is also the base of this whole project. You will have an elegant symmetrical design since the carts can slide under the bench. He explained thoroughly in the second step, so make sure to read his plan carefully.

The author also recommended some optional steps to help you customize your workbench. Moreover, this all-purpose workbench can become a potting bench or a laundry room table, thanks to its unique design. If you want to use it for carpentry, make an additional pegboard to stick tools on it. This workbench is all you need for woodworking! It features a miter saw stand, a table saw stand, a lower shelf, and quick-moving casters. The striking look of this workbench comes from the cut-out space.

You can remove the piece for the table saw and use it for the miter saw. Another idea in the quick-and-cheap collection! This workbench has a simple look and is reliable enough for heavy-duty jobs. The author provided his instruction in 2 ways: visual videos and step-by-step guidelines. You will have a lot of close-up images to catch up with the idea easily. This workbench is a simple construction but renders a super durable and stylish design.

The plan is also adjustable to let you customize for a modular system. You can read the discussion section for more experience from other readers who tried to make this workbench before. This workbench has a stylish design that fits younger users more than middle-aged. You can use a whole plywood sheet or cut the lumber to the required dimensions. This workbench is enormous, so you can reduce the size to fit in smaller spaces. Scrap materials around your house are also accepted.

This is a small-sized workbench with rollers for easy transporting. It also comes with an extension that can slide in and out to create a larger working space or close down to carefully store the equipment. With a sleek and elegant design, this workbench can work as an accessories wardrobe or a kitchen cabinet in addition to carpentry.

You can use any leftover framing board combining with other hardware required in the shopping list. This design looks like a woodshop box with 4 legs. The storage box is removable so that you can tuck it underneath your bed or sofa. The builder provided many technical sketches for every section with detailed measurements to help readers understand her idea quickly.

This design allows you to keep small supplies inside the drawer. With this plan, you can make use of the available wood or hinges and legs from old tables. At the end of the day, saving your time is always a good idea. This handy work area is what you need to kickstart your building journey.

The project only requires a circular saw, a router , a drill, and the rest is up to you. The building instruction is also easy with steps. So grasp your tools and start to roll the ball now. To be honest, the woodworker community never runs out of space-saving ideas. This is another free plan with a detailed description, color diagrams, shopping and cut list. There is a separate top piece attached with 2 legs, creating a working surface when open up.

When folding down, it takes up only 4 square ft. Link Source:. Google 3D Warehouse. Report Broken Link. Four Bay Workbench. Shop Utility Workbench. WOOD Magazine. MasterCraft Workbench. Miter Saw Workbench. Workbench with Four Drawers. Woodworker Workbench. Workbench ZIP. DXF Format Category:. Workbench, Anthony Seos. Anthony Seo. Workbench with Storage. DXF format Category:. Shaker Workbench.

Two Bay Workbench. Simple Workbench. Shop Workbench. Workbench, Jeff Youngstroms Experiment. Jeff Youngstrom. Basic 2x4 Workbench. Workbench Drawer, Scrollsaw Blade. Workshop Toolboxes and Cabinets. European Style Workbench. Basic Workbench. Workbench Shaker. Workbench PDF. Please note Workbench Magazine. Adirondack Chairs. Camper Trailers. Christmas Decorations. Christmas Tree Ornaments. Coffee Tables. Computer Desks. Deck Bench. Doll Furniture and Dollhouses.

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