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Third hand?. How about four extra helping hands with extra strong and flexible arms?. From engineers to artists - perfect for any workbench. INNOVATIVE FLEX DESIGN: Free your hands! QuadHands Workbench kit is the perfect work station assistant. Heat resistant arms allow you to steadily use a. 29 | Third Hands Hand Workbench Magnetic Helping Helping Vise Soldering 4 | Third Magnetic Workbench QuadHands Soldering Hand Based QuadHands Hands Vise. PLAY STORE APP DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL ZOOM APP

Perfect for working on machinery in the field or even on your car. The flexible all metal arms come in three lengths. Two arms are 16" long, one arm is 12" long and the remaining two arms are 8" long. Each arm is equipped with heavy duty stainless steel alligator clamps. Each clamp can be rotated degrees then locked into place with the knurled thumb nut. Need more than five arms? Additional arms can be purchased separately to suit any configuration you can dream of. The entire system is supported on four rubber feet that will hold the WorkBench steady as you work.

The QuadHands WorkBench is designed and built for a lifetime of use by professionals and serious hobbyists and comes with a lifetime warranty. Consider ordering the WorkBench helping hands system for your bench today. QuadHands WorkBench Mini. We strive to ship orders on the same business day you place your order. If the order arrives too late to make the shipping cut off we will ship your order the following business day.

Close menu. Ultimate Flexibility. Configure the QuadHands Deluxe WorkBench Exactly Like You Want Each of the 5 included arms has an ultra strong rare earth magnet N52 in its base that holds it firmly to the steel base but can be moved around as needed.

Patent Pending The QuadHands WorkBench is designed and built for a lifetime of use by professionals and serious hobbyists and comes with a lifetime warranty. Related Products Quick Buy. Quick Buy. Recently Viewed. Mike B. It works great, it's made in America and they shipped it quickly! It's a great company to deal with also. God bless you all! I bought one for myself and had to get one for my brother — we build guitar effects and this makes it so much easier!

Quality construction and a great price. Wish I'd bough it years ago! I bought this because I saw someone using it online. I'm cheap, so I put off getting it for a while. I wish I hadn't! It has come in handy in situations I'd not considered before. Just the right size to clamp and hold work pieces that I'm gluing, soldering, or just fitting together.

What a great product! This is solid! Great materials and high quality. I buy a lot of tools and I was pleasantly surprised when I got this and opened the packaging. Everything is top notch and built with quality. Even the feet on the bottom are all in the same spot! Great job QuadHands! Helping hand.

Great product, Just what I was looking for. The base is heavy enough I do not have to worry about it tipping or moving. The adjustable arms make soldering small wire together much easier. If you are using small gauge insulated wires, the clips even with the silicon covers installed will crush the insulating cover.

I use a longer piece of heat shrink to cover this so no big problem. The eight inch arms are just the right size for what I do. Two of the twelve inch arms would have been much more useful than one twelve inch and one sixteen inch. Top notch tool Great materials. The base is very thick metal powdered coated I believe.

The hands are solidly built as well. The magnets are fierce. I don't see any short comings that would require a fix or replacement for years of use to come. Multi surface hands Construction is great and the claws feel durable so I don't imagine they'll break anytime soon.

I'm glad that I went with the original brand rather than some knock off. The magnets in the arms are very strong which is great. Additionally, I found that they stick well to my metal work bench which has been great for holding on to an assortment of longer and larger that wouldn't have fit on the original base plate.

Love it! I absolutely Love this item. Solid, very high quality manufacture The base is heavy, so it won't fall over or be easily moved by a bump. The magnets are very strong, so the arms won't fall over. Things stay where you put them. Just what the doctor ordered! I use this to hold glue joints for curing.

It is stable. And 2- hold the board off the ground near where my external switches and actuators were to plug in. I moved the arms to the nearest metal object rather than using the plate, and it held the full weight with plenty of force margin.

I had no fears that it would fall off. Amazing strength. Kudos to the design engineer or marketer that came up with this product. I purchased the quad hands for my engineering son so he could work on his home projects. Was well worth spending the extra money to buy this far superior product. It oozes quality. I just loved the look of it and my son loves its functionality. He got straight on to his soldering job that very night. Very happy customer. Really nice product. Very well made.

Sturdy and heavy just like it should be.

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It is the ultimate third hands helping hand system for working on your largest projects including drones and other big electronics.

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Review of teamviewer Quality of the product exceptional. I am really, really impressed with the quality of this product. The best helping hands ever! I now need an excuse to buy from them again, maybe some soldering projects. QuadHands Perfect Love the weight and appearance of the base, the Powerful rare earth magnets, the articulating arms of varied lengths and the solid alligator clamps. Highly recommended! Reviews Mike B.
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