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'Smaller and Faster' is the motto of AMD's new Athlon processor with 'Thunderbird' core. AMD's new processor is coming with kB on-die. The major new feature of the third K7 core, Thunderbird, was integrated on die Identification of processors with the Thunderbird core. This weekend we take a look at the pinnacle of processing excellence, the new AMD Athlon "Thunderbird". A CPU for the next generation of gamers. TIGHTVNC D BUTTON Thunderbird processor softpedia comodo firewall thunderbird processor

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Some other notable mentions are:. The new Thunderbird is a release that the team and community are proud of. If you love Thunderbird and you want to see your favorite Email client get even better, we are supported by donations from our users and volunteer contributions from our community. Please consider helping us out with your expertise or with a donation if you appreciate the work that we are doing. Congratulations, you are amazing!

Finally carddav support! Hope see native system tray support for Linux, as it is provided to Windows. We definitely have to figure out how to do this in a way that works really great across the different desktops. Which desktop environment are you using?

I know AppIndicator technology can be used to implement system tray support to KDE Plasma and others DEs, while Gnome users can install a third party extension to support that too. Waiting for iOS app soon. Feature request 2: after saving attachments, Thunderbird should have the possibility to open the folder where the files were saved like Firefox.

Can we have an update of the availability for the conversion from version 78 to 91? Hey Jacques, it will be a few weeks before everyone is updated automatically to Very happy to see Thunderbird evolving … adding new nifty features, without touching the existing ones. The attachment handling has a great interface!

Thanks for the great work! I can imagine a lot of work was done under the hood. Could this option be included in future updates? Other than that, I like the new version. Thanks to everyone involved for giving thunderbird the attention it deserves. Regarding CardDav support, does this mean that Google Labels groups can now be synced in real time? The inability to sync google contact labels was the only reason I moved away from Thunderbird. Great news. How about correct copying of Excel columns and rows into email preserving table borders?

But I was also having a problem with my ISP. So I got that squared away and then tried to run Thunderbird again. I had installed v 68 last. This time it began to run and then gave me an error message for the 1st time! So I installed v 91 on top of my current version and it all works again! Hi, How do I print a weekly calendar? There will be a dire warning, which you can safely ignore. Type idle into the search box, and look for mail.

According to that bug report, the correct value is Check the number of zeros you have; if you only have , that could be causing your CPU problems. According to that bug report , Thunderbird closes its database after five minutes of inactivity i. Thanks, Wayne! Tweaking this setting has a real effect. My system load monitor is visible all the time in my i3bar, so I have a pretty good idea what it should be like under various conditions.

My previous idle 1min load index was constantly hovering around 0. This is an amazing improvement. Glad it worked out for you. My laptop and, by extension, my lap is running much cooler now too. No improvement however. Apple Mail uses 0. Both mailboxes contain almost equal amounts of mail. I very much wish to keep TB. So what to do now? Clearly, there is something else going on with my Thunderbird.

No luck with this fix. And I was so hopeful. I looked, and sure enough, the setting was wrong. I changed it, but no joy. Also, the memory goes quickly from a low of about M, through a few cycles, , , , M and then quickly back to M… again, for DAYS. What does it mean? Is that a problem? Should I create it? Thanks for any help. I had to restart TB though to make it effective. Using SUSE Can't wait to see if my battery life will benefit have long meeting this afternoon…. On Ubuntu Thanks for the fix!

Thanks so much for the fix. It all helps. This is a life saver!! Thunderbird was making my system slow to a crawl. I did have to restart thunderbird to see the effect. I am running Thunderbird Thanks, great tip. This is a pretty awesome fix! Like Jim, I prefer Kmail, but there is something wonky about how it munges emails when you sign or encrypt and sign, causing it to fail signature checks.

So for managing encrypted messages, I have had to go with thunderbird, and this fix makes it usable. Thank you for posting this! This solution worked exactly as mentioned in the post and by others above. I had to restart my system though before I saw the change as restarting thunderbird did not work for me. Thanks for the fix. Well none of those nice tricks above worked out for me so far. I changed it back and forth and Thunderbird is quiet now! Before it used 1 core completely on its own and it was nearly impossible to write an email cause it was that slow… Maybe it helps someone else as well, Cheers!

I love smart people that take the time to share there knowledge and tips with the world. But you know? I am so sick of these gigantic, bloated complex programs for doing a simple task like reading emails. I gave up Windurs and switched to Linux years ago…why should I continue to use bloated programs which seem to be based on the same disfunctionality which gave us Windurs?

It was ever thus. Simple thing is written, features get added, thing gets bloated, someone writes a simpler thing, lather, rinse, repeat. Thanks so much! I tried this on my desktop computer, which was slowing down so much I was having to physically reboot it. Problem solved! Using Ubuntu Thank you!!! It help me a lot. Woo hoo! Thank you so much. Thunderbird suddenly started getting slow and taking up CPU time. I upgraded to the latest and greatest and still had the issue.

This fixed it instantly. Thanks so much for this simple fix. I run TB on Linux Mint 16 and was starting to think about switching clients. Life is good again. Thank you very much. Fixed it for me on Seamonkey 2. Changed it in about:config. Quite impressive. Xubuntu 13x, TB I made the change but I changed mine to so it would cycle every hour. It seems to have helped right off. Another thing I did was to start cleaning out my e-mails. I had one folder that was over 1Gb alone.

That seemed to reduce my RAM but maybe I am imagining things. Now I will have to see if the lag goes away. It was to the point that when I typed I had to wait for it to catch up on the screen. Also saw a big benefit after restarting. Running Windows 7 sorry I have been too lazy to switch to Linnux. This has hugely helped my day to day productivity. Thanks very much. Grand — did the trick for me on Mac OS Thank you — fabulous, rare instant gratification.

No longer able to use MBP to iron my shirts, though. Totally awesome! I have the same problem in debian 8 icedove, Your solution worked perfectly. To avoid data loss I changed te number to I now have set the setting to its original and the problem dit not return!!!? I was about a to lose my mind — and this seems to have solved it TB v Nice one! Even after 3 years the TB issue is still present.

Thanks As I mange about 30 email address across my multiple business I changed it from to may even increase that to and see how that goes for my system. Unchecking Indexer requires restarting TB to take effect. Bug reported Changing idle and chat did not help. That required restart and now cpu is down to 0.

Flash is known to be a resource hog and I frequently kill the Firefox plug-in process to make browser more stable only 1 or 2 websites really need it, just refresh the page Thanks! As of version 38, most issues involving mail. This blog was published Feb , roughly in the time period of Thunderbird However, as recent comments indicate, there may still be unresolved issues.

We, the Thunderbird community, want to fix them. If you did the workaround of setting mail. This worked.. The idlelimit for TB Hi Json. It would be a great help. Version I have version 52, and adding 2 zeroes to this limit caused fixed an issue where my Mac Book Pro had the rainbow pinwheel spinning every time I looked at an email message. Ubuntu I encountered this bug in Kubuntu And this is the only solution for me. Solution works on TB I am still having the problem even after changing the idle value and turned off the global index search.

Anyone still suffering from this issue too? I just started having problems today August 7. Could it be a bug in What is such of a big difficulty?? CPU usage rises after compacting my Inbox folder with mails and 29 empty folders with hierarchical structure.

I am using Thunderbird I found that the value of mail. Not sure why the Team Mozilla never fixed this issue. Thank you so much! I just wanted to say Thank You. I am grateful that you took the time to share this solution. Thank you to share this worth information. I did the fix and CPU usage dropped immediately. Software testing is painful as bugs are not always reproducible. Off to log the bug as Wayne asked.

Windows 7, iK, 16GB, Thunderbird Nothing helped for me. X1 Carbon 3rd gen, Thunderbird latest. No idea what else to do. Fours years since you wrote this and this simple fix is still gold dust, thank you. I only started researching because things had got so bad that my music player was skipping. Just did the setting change today…what a difference!! Thunderbird version is I had to restart TBird and manually kill running process. But once done it appears to run fine now. Amazing how long this patch is still needed.

Many thanks! Thank u for the fix but why this is still a thing??? Thanks much! Thanks for this. Quick fix! Tbird Encountered this today in Tbird

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