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While this is a nifty tool to use for working, there are some dangers that come with this program. Scammers have found a way to take advantage of this software and have come up with a clever way to trick their victims with this clever TeamViewer scam. Scammers call you and come up with some excuse as to why they would need to access your computer.

The most commonly used excuse is that you apparently have a virus on your computer that they need to help you get rid of, which is what they did to retiree Michael Pitchner. They claimed that TeamViewer is an anti-viral program he needed to install in order to get rid of the virus, and requested the code needed to get onto his computer. Once they were on his computer, they were able to access all his personal files that had his bank account and personal information stored.

His bank, Westpac, told him at first that it was too late to get his money back, even though he had been a customer there for 40 years. Then they had a change of heart and gave him his money back. If you have been a victim of a scam and would like to share your story with our blog and YouTube audience, you can submit your story to ShareMyStory socialcatfish. This will also educate our audience on your experiences and how to deal with them.

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Your Report for is Ready! Searching Owner Information Unlock Your Results Now. Refine Your Address Search We can't seem to locate that property in our records. Let's try a deep search. They can also use it for other illegal activity. Mar 29, PM by Moutacim L. Jun 11, PM by Avery O. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's account, Steve. Sep 12, PM by Freddy S. Mar 3, AM by Luciano B. Hello, yesterday a man form china contacted me through fiverr and askes me the following via skype:. Dec 21, PM by Bojan S.

Thank you for your report. I will share this with our team for further investigation. If you have more details about this please send me the private message with those and I will update my report. Check out this post for more tips on how to avoid questionable jobs. Dec 23, AM by Lara B. Hi, I believe my friend is a victim of a similar scam.

I see part of your message is censored. I was wondering if you could somehow tell me more details about this scam? I made an account on here just so I could reply. The scam I'm researching not about buying and selling accounts but about a company from India working from my friend's PC via Teamviewer and they are paying him thousands per month.

Whenever I try to look up info related to this I get "India tech support scams". I don't believe it is a case where they want to steal his identitiy he bought a brand new PC just so they could use it but they want a USA IP address. I am certain it is illegal, I'm just really curious to know why and how it's done and what risk does my friend face. Dec 23, AM by Preston H. I know of no such law, and neither do you. In order for something to be "illegal", it must violate an actual written law that is codified by a nation, state, or municipality.

The freelancer is not using another Upwork account. The freelancer is not misrepresenting his personal location. Many Upwork freelancers including myself pay money to companies located in other states or countries in order have server space which we connect to in order to do our work.

This server space may be on traditional web hosts, or newer cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, etc. This server space can include desktop-based platforms we use to remotely work. Or he maybe a saint. I don't know. Maybe he isn't. Maybe he is violating Upwork ToS. But using TeamViewer to connect to a remote computer in and of itself is not a violation of law or ToS. I am not trying to incriminate anyone but when I asked my friend for more details he refused to share but said he would later and keeps saying that, so I got SUPER curious.

If it is not illegal then I would like to also make money doing this. If it is illegal… well that would not be the first time this friend has done something illegal… and I will be even more careful to associate with him. Thank you for providing more information.

But there isn't really anything more we can tell you. If you friend is doing something illegal or something that violates Upwork ToS, he hasn't provided you with enough information to incriminate himself. Dec 23, AM by Petra R. Sorry if I didn't make it clear, I am not sure if this situation has anything to do with " Upwork" or similar sites.

Basically I was google searching why a forgiegn company would want to work from a US based IP address so badly to pay a random person thousands to do it. It sounds like illegal activity. Just trying to find out all I can, I'll try posting on some forums. The only reason they are doing this is so they can set their Upwork profile to US based. That's the whole point of that whole scheme. I agree that this is a reasonable conclusion. But Lara did not say that they were mis-representing their location on their Upwork profile.

Theoretically, they could be using a U. None of which would be illegal or a violation of Upwork ToS. That may sound unlikely or even preposterous. But if the only thing that Lara can "report" is the use of TeamViewer or connecting to computers in other countries, then those activities in and of themself are not violations. I do these things myself, all without violating any laws or rules. Very good point. I know he is not doing any work for them and I went with him to cash the 3 thousand dollar check at the bank.

I plan to ask my friend once again what he is doing after I gather information about how he could be scammed. Good point. I wish I knew this at the time and questioned it. It was a digital check which he printed and we went together to cash to the ATM but it wouldn't read it. So he ordered check paper online and was later able to print and cash it. Thanks for the help. I will ask him the details later.

You make good points I didn't realize and will keep in mind. Dec 23, AM by Avery O. Could you please clarify if your friend is letting other people access his computer to use Upwork? If you have any other details, please feel free to send me a PM by clicking on my name so that I can look into this further.

I'll wait for your message. Jul 4, PM by Preston H. Jul 4, PM by Bojan S.

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