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[Comodo Antivirus] is good for personal and professional use. It has the capability to detect viruses and malware and remove them within no time. Its scanning. Comodo Free Antivirus isn't assessed by most of the independent testing labs, but AV-Test checks Comodo's Internet Security, and the results are. This Comodo is solid and probally even the best out there. The antivirus program by comodo may not be as good in detection rate compaired to other, but the. VNC SERVER DISABLE TRAY ICON Antivirus review comodo teamviewer startimes

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antivirus review comodo

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Comodo Antivirus has been around for over a decade, building a large base of fans and naysayers.

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Winscp retropie connection refused Check the top 3 alternative antivirus programs 9. Independent antivirus test labs frequently compare antivirus programs. Czech 1. Linux users, unlike their Windows-using counterparts, generally do not use an antivirus solution. You guys rock, I can't wait to see what the future holds for this company!
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95 thunderbird lx Comodo Internet Security Complete. It also helps to stop spam and other email threats. Its Application Control allows users to lock down their system and only use programs that are known to be safe. Antivirus review comodo for the experts, the scope for configuring OS security is genuinely massive. The one option that we need to warn you about is changing the theme. Ashraf Abd El-Kader says:.
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Comodo Antivirus for Windows 10 is an unusually powerful free antivirus tool which uses multiple security layers to keep you safe from harm. The package offers real-time protection to detect and block known malware before it can do any harm.

If you run into an unknown or untrusted application, Comodo can run it in a sandbox to prevent it infecting your PC. You're able to run browsers or other legitimate applications in the sandbox, or even an entire virtual desktop, again making it very difficult for any threats to modify your PC or monitor what you're doing online.

Knowledgeable users can enable and tweak a Host Intrusion Protection System, giving them a great deal of fine-grained control over what apps can do on your system. There is a notable omission in the lack of web filtering, which means the system doesn't block malicious URLs. But Comodo's auto-sandboxing should ensure that even the very latest, undiscovered threats are blocked, and there's a vast array of bonus features to fill any other security holes.

Comodo 12 doesn't have any major new features that are visible up-front, but the Release Notes page includes plenty of low-level geek-friendly additions "Heuristic Command-Line Analysis" and "Embedded Code Detection" for scanning and monitoring of auto-run entries. Still, it's a measure of how capable Comodo Antivirus for Windows 10 is, that upgrading to its baseline commercial product, Comodo Advanced Antivirus 12, adds little more than shopping and banking protection and unlimited support.

Comodo's free antivirus is easy to find on the website, and we were able to download and launch the installer in a very few seconds. By default, this installs Comodo's secure Dragon Browser as well as Comodo Antivirus, and although you can avoid this, it takes a little work. If you do decide to install Comodo Dragon, it can also import all your Chrome settings bookmarks, cookies, history and so on to ensure it's immediately ready for browsing. Comodo is very, very keen for you to agree to set Yahoo!

It's so keen that this is checked as a default option during installation, so it'll happen unless you're paying attention and explicitly disable it. Comodo hasn't finished, though, and after rebooting, another alert headlined 'Comodo Dragon' also asks if you'd like to 'improve your browsing experience.

Sure, this is a free app, and Comodo has to fund it somehow. But these are the kind of sneaky adware tricks we want Comodo to block, not something it should be engaging in itself. Once setup was complete, a post-installation scan checked our key system areas in under three minutes. The program claimed to have found three threats, but when we browsed the details, two of these are 'unrecognized autorun entries' which it decided to ignore, and the other was a falsely flagged legitimate application.

It was easy to add this to Comodo's list of trusted files, though, and after accepting a prompt to reboot, Comodo Antivirus for Windows 10 was up and running and we were ready to explore. Comodo Free Antivirus opens with a simple and straightforward interface: one large tile highlights your security status, while others lead you to common tasks scan your system, run a program in the sandbox, update Comodo and more.

A menu bar gives you access to more advanced tasks and a vast number of advanced settings. That all works for us, but if you're not happy, the package has a lot of options. At a minimum you can view your security status and launch scans from a tiny desktop widget, but the program also supports three other themes, with a very different look and feel.

You don't have to get involved with the complicated stuff, of course. Newbies can use the program much like any other antivirus - click Scan, choose a Quick or Full Scan and wait for the results - but life does get more interesting if you explore Comodo's other options. A Rating Scan, for instance, scans running processes and commonly infected areas and reports on the reputation of all the files it finds.

This is interesting as it can show you files which aren't clearly malicious, but are considered untrusted both executables and certificates , as well as files that Comodo hasn't seen before. If you suspect you've been infected by something nasty, but can't prove it, the Rating Scan may be able to point you in the right direction. Comodo can also scan specified files and folders, or you can set up multiple custom scans to carry out your choice of actions.

These include the option to scan particular files and folders, the trusted root certification authorities store, the contents of RAM, commonly infected areas or the entire computer. You're able to customize key settings for individual scans - the sensitivity of any heuristics checks, whether the scanner can connect to the cloud to query file ratings - and there's an unusually configurable scheduler.

Comodo doesn't just enable running the scan daily or weekly at pm, for instance: it's just as easy to have your scan launch on Monday to Friday only, but only if the computer is idle and not running on battery. Comodo's sandbox is an unusual highlight.

In a click or two you're able to run suspect programs in a secure environment where they can't make permanent changes to your PC. Alternatively, run a browser in the sandbox and it will protect you from some web-based malware, while also limiting the ability of any malware which might be on your PC to monitor what you're doing. An option to install a full virtual desktop gives you a complete isolated environment for maximum security.

It's a welcome addition to the package, although the need to install Microsoft Silverlight to make it work seems a little, well, bizarre. Microsoft hasn't been developing Silverlight other than adding security patches since , and Google Chrome hasn't supported the technology for years. Comodo Dragon is a Chromium-based browser which comes bundled with Free Antivirus.

For a free antivirus, Comodo Internet Security has an impressive set of features. You get a firewall, ransomware protection, anti-rootkit, secure shopping for online banking and a sandbox technology called Valkyrie for isolating and inspecting suspicious files. If security is your priority, Comodo Internet Security could be the software for you.

The antivirus and malware protection is robust, and after changing a few settings, we found it protected our test machine from almost everything but phishing. One of the better features is the option to create a rescue disk, which a bootable disk image that allows users to run virus scans in a pre-boot environment.

It is a virus, spyware and rootkit cleaner. It lets you create and edit profiles with different scan priorities for files and websites by checking the appropriate boxes. In fact, Comodo Internet Security surpasses it with the inclusion of a firewall and a secure shopping feature. The AVG Ultimate package wins the prize in the top tier, though, mainly because of its unlimited device option, but Comodo Internet Security Complete is no slouch.

Download and installation is straightforward. It only took 12 minutes to install on our test machine, then another 10 minutes to update the virus definitions and run a quick scan of the hard drive. There were a few surprises, though. It defaults to setting Yahoo as your homepage, new tab and default engine unless you uncheck the box.

This is one of the annoyances you have to get past. The performance on our test machine took a hit, too. Comodo slows it down. Applications take longer to load than they did before installing the antivirus.

It is easy to configure, though. The screens under the settings consist of checkboxes or drop-down menus. They are easy to navigate and turn on or off, but some have unpredictable results. Be careful changing the theme because it does more than just change the color scheme. It changes the layout of the interface.

Comodo Internet Security also forces many system reboots when it updates. The default behavior is to automatically install the updates, but then it pesters you to restart the system so the updates will take effect. You can read our Malwarebytes Antivirus review or our BullGuard Antivirus review to see a couple of examples.

One section specifically says it collects your name and personal information, and another states that information will be used in advertising. You should probably disable this feature if you value your privacy. You have to visit the online help files for that.

There is a tiny help icon at the bottom of the interface that will take you there. Adding, editing and remove different types of scans is a simple matter of checking boxes, then turning the scan on or off. It also lets you know when the last scan of that type took place. Firewall settings are straightforward, as well, with checkboxes and drop-down menus for setting application rules, global rules, network zones, port sets and more.

The malware settings for enabling the Host Intrusion Protection System have many options that are easy to set by using the row of checkboxes. We use impartial third-party labs to evaluate the level of protection offered by antivirus software. One of them is AV-Test. Its test results for Comodo Internet Security are interesting.

Comodo Internet Security achieved a score of percent for protection against zero-day malware attacks, including web and email attacks. It also scored percent when detecting widespread malware discovered in the four weeks prior to being tested. The combined scores earned it a perfect 6 out of 6.

It took a hit in performance, though, earning a 5 out of 6 because it slowed down the PC when launching popular websites and standard software. Download and installation of applications was slower than the industry standard, too, as was file copying.

We saw a noticeable slowdown on our system when launching software or copying files to the disk. When it came to false warnings, Comodo Internet Security registered false detections of legitimate software as malware during a system scan. We noticed that, too. When we ran a full system scan on our test machine, which took an hour and 10 minutes, it reported that GIMP, a popular image manipulation program, was a threat.

We use GIMP to crop pictures, add text to them, change their colors, etc. Another third-party lab we use is AV-Comparatives , but after looking through test results dating back to February , we found no record of Comodo Internet Security taking part in its testing. That being the case, we decided to do hands-on testing. During the full-system scan we performed, it found EICAR files on our hard drive, which are used for malware testing.

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