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If you don't know anything about remote access, this software is easy to install and deploy. Cons. The cost of this software is far more expensive than other. TeamViewer is expensive, and you get a limited number of connections for your money. We've now switched to AnyDesk, which is free, because the price of. TeamViewer pricing keeps inflating; new releases purposefully break compatibility with older versions, forcing you to upgrade;. FRYS ON THUNDERBIRD

So I bought a license for TeamViewer 10, with a free upgrade to the upcoming TeamViewer 11, which was to be released within about a month. As promised, we got the TeamViewer 11 upgrade for free and all was well. For some time this still worked fairly well, because many of my clients still had version But the TeamViewer software has a sly way of popping up a banner notifying users that a new version is available, and the upgrade process is easy… so of course, as time went on more and more clients no longer used version Note that the way TeamViewer is set up, a host can control a client running any version of software equal to or less than the version of the host.

I can control client computers running 11, 10, 9, 8… and so on. But with version 11, as host I can not control clients running version 12 and now, So, the search for alternatives began in earnest. There seem to be dozens of remote support software options, and choosing one was difficult. I had some criteria in mind, however, which helped to narrow the selection pool considerably.

Basically, I had the following wish list:. After spending hours searching, reading, pricing, eliminating options that were not self-hosted or that priced themselves clear out of reach, I finally settled on ISL Light. Bomgar and ConnectWise formerly ScreenConnect offer self-hosted options but both were priced well out of my range. Anyhow, as someone who self-hosts as many of his own services as possible I was happy to discover that ISL checked off most items of my wishlist.

It can be self-hosted, and is cross-platform. It supports mobile devices, is easy to use, and self-hosted pricing is reasonable. Some other options, like ConnectWise formerly ScreenConnect are entirely web-based; to initiate a support session, you must do so through the web interface, download the small client file and run it, etc. This is like adding computers to a TeamViewer account. Always On clients can be sorted into groups for better organization.

Like TeamViewer, while connected to a client computer you have the option of instant messaging with the client, or initiating a voice or video call. You can also switch sides with your partner and show him your screen instead. It can work with just one firewall port TCP forwarded. Port 80 and can be used if needed or desired, but it can work totally well with just one non-standard port. This can help free up incoming 80 and for internal web servers.

With some effort, you can replace the default logos and branding with your own company logo. Even the executable files that are downloaded to client machines can be renamed. ISL Light controls mobile devices that support remote control. Instead of signing up for a subscription-based website chat service, host your own! No extra fees for this. Updates are released fairly frequently, and updating to the latest version is painless through the web-based admin panel.

ISL promises that they will never break compatibility through updates as TeamViewer does. Charles, my rep at ISL, is just a phone call away. My emails to him and Alex have received timely responses. And a trip would cost 50 bucks, it makes up for itself in a few months. I'd hate to have to carry around my old iPhone just for ScreenConnect and my RC helicopter - cause that's all I'd use it for.

I use Teamviewer everyday! As a one man shop, it allows me to service clients all over town in the same day. I do wish I could get the MSI to help with installs. But the we have a "clunky" work-around. Not sure how you are set up, but I passed a fee to my clients per workstation to defray the cost of Teamviewer.

Sold it as avoiding trip fees and faster response times. Not a client pushed back. Our shop uses TeamViewer for troubleshooting desktops as well as the mobile plugin for assisting users with phones and tablets. TeamViewer multi-channel corporate license here; main thing we like is it's not priced per client we support. Huge benefit for us. We've got our own corporate-branded TeamViewer quick support apps on our helpdesk website; customers like the "download, run, done" of the QuickSupport, and the fact it evaporates when you exit it, leaving no service running.

Far more featureful than TeamViewer, but TeamViewer still has an edge when it comes to punching through firewalls. I use remote tool everyday and teamviewer still priced itself out. And extra two grand for the msi killed it for me. Teamviewer is definitely my favorite out of the third-party remote options. We actually purchased a corporate license We also opted for the corporate license because we do use it daily The main reason we ended up going for teamviewer was the lack of a monthly fee Edit: Also the ability to have more than one person remote in at the same time was pretty huge for us as well TechOps is an IT service provider.

Teamviewer is my 1st choice, but I don't use it means licensed version not worth the money they are asking, so even never used free version. Solarwinds DameWare Mini It's been a while, but I believe join. I could be mistaken in this though. That's deliberate as far as I can see.

It's also interesting to see that LogMeIn hasn't been mentioned whatsoever. Shows how well they've alienated the IT community. Teamviewer does have some steep upfront costs. So it was a hard sell. But at least there's no recurring costs. I showed it to another department head and he bought a business license too. Then a consultant wanted it too, so he bought a business license.

We should have gone with a corporate license from the git go. I personally feel Teamviewer is well worth the money. It's a tool, not a toy. Plus RDP is so invasive, re-sizes your clients screens, messes with their personalized multi-desktop layouts.. Good for servers, but Teamviewer is still by far, much, much better. Want to justify the price? Use it as a tool! Not a toy! Ditch RDP. Not to mention the stats it gives.

I can take one look at my TeamViewer list, and it will give me 20 service call leads due to hard drives full, patches needing to be applied, anti-virus alerts.. TeamViewer makes me money. The built-in helpdesk on the high end one literally handles everything, even billing and time accounting. I couldn't say enough good things about teamviewer for the price! I have always hated the interfaces. Looks SO ugly and cluttered from my end I find it tiny and distracting and squashed by default. Yeah, you can have a link to 'join.

Looks really slick and requires no admin privileges for your domain end-users even! If you're only supporting 10 workstations then Teamviewer may be out of your price range. In my case I have workstations and 10 remote servers spread across the state. In that case Teamviewer paid for itself in the first month. LogMeIn is cheaper up-front, but the monthly charges add up to more than the cost of TeamViewer before the first year ends.

Things like Join. When a user is having trouble with a machine the LAST thing I want them to do is open another web browser window. I also don't want to have to explain to someone how to start a session over the phone. With TeamViewer or LogMeIn running as a service, I can remote in and either watch what the user is doing or take over without any further intervention on the user's part. The only downsides were as a solution it didn't scale well no central monitoring or management and AD support wasn't good at all.

Still, for something that's free it isn't bad and I'd still use it in a small environment. We use Dameware when users are on the network. Teamviewer when they are not. Last resort is join. We actually do use TeamViewer here as our primary remote connection method Using TeamViewer as well. As a one-man IT department, I needed something that was easy and quick.

And since I'm a one-man shop, I only needed a single-channel business license - so the upfront cost was relatively inexpensive especially when compared other vendors. I love the fact that I can login to one console and have access to all of my servers and other critical PCs. I don't use the Mobile Device Support module as most of the company issued devices are iPhones and there's nothing that TeamViewer brings to the party that our MDM vendor doesn't already do.

We actualy register every computer in the account with ID and password, so we can access any of them without user response. Makes it easier for updates and whatnot. I second join. Really good. If you are using GApps in your domain, hangouts has a builtin 'remote desktop' function that works surprisingly well. Use Bomgar. Brand Representative for Remote Utilities. Perhaps, they should also be taken into account when discussing the merits of different programs. Teamviewer here, and remember that you can have multiple guys using the same license, though not simultaneously.

I've not used the admin side of Bomgar, but whenever I'm the client end getting support Bomgar seems to take 5min before the tech is actually connected. I've been using ScreenConnect for 2 days now and I absolutely love it, so far I haven't found something I don't like or a reason to try any of the other suggestions yet - really impressed with their remote access client deployment and customization - best of all I could license it for 2 simultaneous techs and still be under the cost of what TeamViewer wants.

Do love teamviewer though and want to swap when the price drops. Brand Representative for TeamViewer. Many thanks for your message and interest in TeamViewer. I am glad to hear that you like TeamViewer. Thank you for pointing this out - sales "tactics" like this otherwise known as "sales intelligence" is a real turn-off. As if the country I reside in, or how big of a company I am, should make any difference as to the price value of your product - no.

Plus the canned response from TeamViewer staff - uhh. TeamViewer is off the table for me. Perhaps, our "per operator" licensing will fit the bill:. I can see this being a problem for me. Whereas on the Viewer side any one port of the four above must be open. You only need one port to be open on both the Viewer and the Host side and you can choose the port in the GMS settings. For example, you can set port This is one of the advantages of using the GMS over our default service.

Brand Representative for Techinline.

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