dbeaver connection error null connection returned

I can't connect to a SQLite nor postgreSQL database with DBeaver which worked some couple of hour ago and now get this cryptic null. From the same DBeaver application, I can connect to another Snowflake instance and see all the objects. I can't connect to a postgreSQL database with DBeaver on osx (latest) and get this cryptic null connection returned. I can however connect. TEAMVIEWER EXPENSIVE Dbeaver connection error null connection returned white mobile workbench dbeaver connection error null connection returned

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I am able to connect to dbeaver. I am sure connectivity as a whole is in place. I am troubleshoot my personal implementation. Make sure settings in dBeaver are correct and network open to snowflake. Thank you Carlos. Using the default dBeaver Snowflake connection, it downloaded after initial install and installed the updated snowflake driver the best I can tell. That is why I was looking for docs, where other than credentials I needed to configure. The host is a generic. Used snowcd to run whitelist script.

With this error I am unable to select a Warehouse at this point. Thank you Carlos, a transposition of two letters in the host string. Log In to Answer. Number of Views 2. Number of Views 3. Number of Views 5.

Nothing found. Navicat view. Any updates here? I am using dbeaver I do not have the ability to change the charset in the odbc connection. I am now seeing all intended values the correct way. I removed the cipher section and left encryption and was able to connect on PC and MAC and see the data.

Then I restarted DBeaver and it worked. Skip to content. Star New issue. Jump to bottom. Labels bug can't reproduce x:odbc. Copy link. System information: Windows 10 DBeaver 6. ENTRY org. STACK 0 java. UnsupportedOperationException at sun. What ODBC driver do you use? Same for me. I can reproduce this issue with the latest version of dbeaver. ODBC query always returns null value Hi all, I figured out a solution or at least a possible quick workaround!!

Any idea to fix this? Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in to comment.

Dbeaver connection error null connection returned ultravnc activex viewer

I am using DBeaver and go the error 'FATAL: database \

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