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The current tests of antivirus software from Comodo of AV-TEST, the leading international and independent service provider for antivirus software and. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux. Comodo Antivirus for Windows 10 is an unusually powerful free antivirus tool which uses multiple security layers to keep you safe from harm. XSETROOT UNABLE TO OPEN DISPLAY VNC SERVER

German 5. French 5. Italian 5. Polish 4. Russian 4. Arabic 2. Czech 1. Greek 1. Spanish 1. You can trust the Community! Companies can't ask us to delete or change user reviews. Rick Hull. Was it helpful? I have been using Comodo for 10 yrs i think recommended to our Tafe computer network and server class lecturers and used on ancient systems slow laptops that salvaged after 15 yrs sitting on shelf a extra stick ram a ssd drive not fast but did it for those of us no money lol and on the win 10 enterprise system i managed to score from a retiring lecturer so never had a problem with its software and if cast back to Norton years ago you basically had to pay for removal tool or format your machine and as a disability pension not allow for lots flash software this was always the bonus for me free security suite and if helping mates out i always slip this in as its is free and no trouble at all to remove never thought it actually sneakily loads i Visit Comodo Reply Share.

Tom F. Comodo Automatic-Containment, in a league of it's own. Comodo's Automatic-Containment technology is by far superior to anything else on the market. You guys rock, I can't wait to see what the future holds for this company! Worse to deal with then any Virus. Well where to start? I mean the 80s where great for playing PC games and such Sooo based on this would I recommend it? Hell no Justin Bonifacino David.

Hi David, I'm sorry to see the not-so-great review and the sub-bar experience that you recently had with Comodo Internet Security. Have you tried to contact Comodo support for assistance? There are many factors that likely Show More led to performance-related issues including not having the proper minimum system requirements, another conflicting security software installed, not having the proper settings, and many others.

Comodo is garbage. I have a super slow laptop with windows 7 installed and i tought "i am gonna try comodo" and that was a big mistake, i let comodo do a scan and I uinistalled it immediately and i am never going to install it again. Justin Bonifacino S. Hi, I'm sorry to see that you did not have a great experience with our software. I noticed that you are an "Android user" under your review but it says that you installed our security on a Windows 7 machine.

It's very likely Show More that your installation or security settings are user-error based and our support would be happy to address. Dont install comodo please. Please Dont install this fucking software Now let me tell what technique they use Bob Michael.

What a lot of apsolute shit. Ive been using this software for over 20 years now with zero issues and not nagging software asking me to upgrade. Bare in mind that if you have other software on your pc that does not play nicely with Show More comodo, thats more lickly your issues, or you alowed a virus into your pc.

Telling others that comodo is bad is soo misleading. This Comodo is solid and probally even the best out there. The antivirus program by comodo may not be as good in detection rate compaired to other, but the firewall isolate any program that is dodgy, turniates it and sandboxes it before it damages your pc, so I don't know want your rant is all about.

Justin Bonifacino Michael. Hi Michael, I'm sorry to see your experience was not a positive outcome in using our testing our security. Much like other reviews, it seems as though your issues are entirely based on user-error. In reaching out to and worki As for your pre-infected device, Comodo cannot guarantee that we can clean up a machine that's infected before our software is installed. For example, if your hard drive is encrypted before our software is installed, how is that our responsibility?

No one can reverse the changes of an encrypted hard drive unless they have decryption keys. That's like hiring guards to protect your house after the robbers have broken in and stolen everything and blaming the guards for not stopping a previous attack. Contact support if you need further assistance and please keep the reviews professional, use of profanity in a software review is highly irresponsible, children could be reading these reviews.

Justin Bonifacino kellymor. Thanks Kellymor, please contact us if there's anything that you need and spread the word about your satisfaction about our services. This site seems to have a lot of low reviews for Comodo and it's refreshing to find one like yours from someone who figured out how to properly use our AV software!

Jeff Mc. You pay I ended up paying my annual subscription. This can lead to secondary infections that are even worse. A Trojan horse malware refers to the method by which malicious software gets in your system. The malware will be hidden within innocent software, so when you install the innocuous software you get the malware as well.

This can be a particularly nasty infection as the creators of such malware normally gain the ability to mess with your computer. For example, attackers could shut down your computer remotely, install a keylogger to grab any personal data like passwords, and just generally make your computer unusable. Comodo scanned over , discrete items on my PC when put through a full scan. It took just under one hour.

To compare against other players in the antivirus market, this is the performance of competitors in the same test:. Comodo scans around a quarter of the number of items for its full scan which takes half the time. Just looking at the scan time shows Comodo to be the quickest out of this selection. Even accepting that the number of items scanned is lower in total, it certainly is one of the most effective scanners over time. AV-Comparatives is one of the most recognizable names in AV research, and uses two types of testing for this review.

First off, the Malware Protection Test is focusing on the attack vectors like USB drives and network drivers as means of getting malware into a system. As most people get malware through this method, it is important any AV performs strongly here. Comodo came through with a Results like this even put it higher than that of Bitdefender, a very competent program that competes with Comodo in the security sphere. In the September Malware Protection test, Comodo grabbed another Impressively, it also recorded very few false positives in this test.

We see almost identical performance between the tests I conducted and the independent tests completed by others. It is clear that Comodo Antivirus catches almost all threats, does not mistakenly mark safe files as dangerous, and does so quickly and efficiently. Some additional features are bundled with Comodo antivirus. Some of these are not very useful to the average consumer but some are certainly worth highlighting. Comodo attempts to block malware and other nasty viruses before they get into your system.

It does this through a default deny system. This checks whether programs are allowed to run or not as well as what permissions to run with. A common strategy is to make some malware run everytime the computer is turned on. Comodo compares the list of programs to a whitelist, and blocks unauthorized programs from running.

Programs that are suspicious or untrusted are run in a sandbox mode automatically. This prevents such software from being connected to other vital systems. The isolation method is a great way to stop infiltration before it happens. The antivirus will also be running via a real time scanner which can prevent malicious software from ever being implanted. As Comodo uses the cloud for its scanning and behavior analysis, this means that even if your AV is not fully updated it will work.

It does this as the virus definitions which find the telltale signs of known malware are pushed through the cloud. Finally, there is a gamer mode which can help prioritize computer performance in certain situations. Any program that is placed in fullscreen mode will be run as a priority, helping you save resources for tasks like gaming, movies, or presentations. Activating this prevents pop-up windows and other system intensive activities. It will pause functions like updates so that your computer will have its resources funneled to get maximum system performance.

The mobile Android Antivirus App helps to protect your personal information and prevent malicious mobile-based attacks. This means your photos, contacts, videos, personal contacts and data are secured. Next is to run the quick scan and then a full scan and compare PC resource utilization. If the software is too system intensive this is bad for people with slower or older systems.

It can also mean poor performance on laptops or other devices. It is normal to see a much higher impact from the full scan than the quick scan. These tests are not the most objective but will give an idea on the impact of the software. Comodo has a real time scanner operating at all times to detect and block potential threats.

There is also a one click quick scan to check the important areas for malware or similar. As expected the numbers go up but there is never full utilization of either CPU or memory resources. During the quick scan, CPU usage was around 32 percent while memory utilization was 63 percent.

When the full scan was run, these values went up to 68 percent and 70 percent. While the 30 plus percent jump in CPU utilization is fairly intensive, the increase in memory utilization is nothing to worry about. Particularly when you consider this only lasts for 58 minutes, this is not such a high number that is out of control.

Below is a comparison of the increases for memory and CPU utilization by other competing products in the AV space, with the focus of this review, Comodo, highlighted in bold. Comodo hits about the median of the CPU impact measurements, and is on the lower end of system performance impact.

There are menu items and buttons that make it clear how to access all the features. The dashboard displays important information such as whether a scan is active, detected threats, last update time, and buttons for support and help. Email addresses are listed for various support services as well as phone numbers.

The premium subscription to Comodo Premium includes live support teams that are much more responsive and will keep in touch with you to resolve issues. Comodo follows the auto renewal model that many antivirus companies employ. This means that your licence for Comodo will be automatically renewed and taken from your payment card every year until you cancel it.

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