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Thunderbird is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Remember to use the latest version of Thunderbird because older versions of Thunderbird Gmail do not work properly. Rather than a web or browser-based application, it is more a local email application that is powerful yet quick and easy to use.

It incorporates many features like a mail account setup wizard, one-click address box, attachment reminder, and so on. These features make your work easy and efficient. Thunderbird is not developed by a single company but by a large and dedicated volunteer. It is basically developed, translated, tested, and supported by an independent community.

A Thunderbird Community elects the Thunderbird Council, which looks after the finances and paycheck of the staff. On the other hand, Thunderbird Community donates the fund to the Thunderbird Council. The best part about this application is it is free of cost. Furthermore, its amazing features are worth checking out. Some of the cool features of Thunderbird Gmail are as follows. After you quit Thunderbird, the same tabs will be restored when you again use this software.

It also provides a Tab menu feature on the Tab toolbar in order to switch between Tabs. So, these are few features that we have covered in this section. Visit the official site of Thunderbird to know more about its features. Thunderbird is software; it does not give email addresses and nor does the service transfer emails. You can use this application by sign-in with your existing email account to send, receive, restore, and manage email messages. In case you do not have an email address, then create one with Google and then sign in and sync Gmail in Thunderbird.

While creating and signing up an email, the service providers give you one or more than one email accounts. Several websites provide an email account. Gmail, by default, enables IMAP on a new account. Therefore, follow the first method only if you have an older Gmail account; otherwise, head to the second method. Following are the steps to enable IMAP to your email account.

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