cyberduck cannot extract archive

If your using the triambaka.xyz format see this link to extract files. Inside of the archive will be an exact copy of the original installer file in the root of. CyberDuck Free secure file transfer utility that runs on Windows and While I can't say I like Solar-PuTTY's interface more than WinSCP. Moreover, if you are restoring to a live server please upload the backup archive and all of its parts using the Binary transfer mode. We suggest using CyberDuck. RICKY THE DRAGON STEAMBOAT COMODO

Solution 1 Normally the notification should show on your plugins page like other plugins. If you aren't seeing that you can upgrade manually by doing the following: Download the latest version of the plugin from snapcreek. Duplicator recommends using PHP 7. Older version of Duplicator allow for PHP 5.

If you're using PHP 5. Many plugin and theme authors are no longer supporting PHP 5. Please note the Duplicator support team does not support issues with sites that run PHP 5. Licensing Pro How to resolve license activation issues? Issue A Not Activating How to solve license activation issues? License activation allows the plugin to stay up-to-date with the most recent updates, features and security patches but does not affect operation. Solution 1 This occurs when Duplicator Pro has been running on a machine for more than 30 days in an unlicensed fashion.

The message will disappear at this point. Oveview Snapcreek is very flexible with license upgrades and renewals. Upon purchase your license expiration date will be extended for another year. Reach out to us on your 3rd year and we'll add an extra 6 months courtesy of Snap Creek Upgrades Go to your snapcreek.

Before performing an upgrade it's recommended that you renew your license first then perform the upgrade second to get the best price. If you do happen to upgrade before renewing just shoot us a support ticket and we can work to get you back on track.

Forgot Username Use the help ticket system Provide your license key, first and last name of the purchaser of the product Submit your ticket and we will get back with you Forgot Password Click on the Account link in the upper right corner Click on the "Lost Password? An email will arrive shortly with a link that will let you reset your password.

Be sure to double check your SPAM folder if you don't receive an email from snapcreek within minutes. Click on the link in the email. This will take you to a form where you can reset the password. Enter in any password you like, this includes a previous password you may have used. The number one reason for having issues with getting your password reset deal with emails that is sent to your SPAM folder.

Please monitor your SPAM folder as well when looking for you password reset link. Packages Pre-Build Before the build process starts. Before you create a new package a requirements check will show you the status of your system. The following are system checks that are performed before package creation can take place.

Contact your host to enable. Permissions Paths that are listed in this section should have permissions of for directories and for files. On some hosts the permission set requires Setting items to is a security issue and should only be set temporarily.

Please avoid any hosting company that requires this kind of setup. For more details contact your host or visit their help pages for more information on how they implement permissions and group settings. If you are on a hosted server please contact your host and request that mysqli extension be enabled. Installation Files If this check fails then a reserved file was found in the WordPress root directory. See the following FAQ to resolve this issue: Which files need to be removed after an install?

If you don't have a hosting provider selected, please see the recommended settings for a quality host. Build Issues DupArchive Format: Some budget hosts may prevent larger sites from building a package using zip. Snap Creek has a special format DupArchive daf designed specifically for restricted hosts. To enable this format see the settings below.

If you're on a budget host using Duplicator Pro and your site is over 2GB then you may also have to use the Two Part Install method , it will just depend on the quality of your hosts performance and any throttle limitations. Upload Limits If you're on a budget host that has a size upload limit then there are a few ways to get around this constraint. File Filters: Add any large files to the file filter creating a package to get your package down to your hosts limit.

Then manually move those filtered files over via FTP. Two-Part-Install: This process has you simply move your files then it quickly runs the database part of the install finalizing your setup. For a full overview see the Two Part Install technique While Duplicator Lite is great for smaller sites, it is currently only designed for a single threaded process run.

This means if your host kills the PHP process or timeouts pre-maturely then the process may fail. This is especially true with lower end budget hosts. If you run your own VPN server you can typically adjust these settings to your liking. We recommend you choose this option if it's available on your system and you do not experience any issues when using. For an overview of hosting providers that support this feature see our WordPress Hosting Page. Option 2 If option 1 does not work, consider deactivating your plugins or trying another theme temporarily.

Option 3 If option 1 and 2 still provide no solution then follow these steps to find the JavaScript error that may be occurring. Copy any error messages that show up in the browser console and create a help ticket. An image screen-shot capture is preferred. Option 2 Possible Cause: A third-party theme is corrupting the Ajax call response Resolution: Activate the default WordPress theme for example "Twenty Twenty" and then try to reset packages.

Option 3 Possible Cause: The server is running out of memory or time to process the reset. If this is beyond your abilities or you don't have permissions to do this then contact your hosting provider. Option 1 To view the packages menu the current role of the logged in user must have the 'export capability'. This means the user your logged in as should have a role of 'Administrator'.

If this option still does not work consider these options below. Option 2 Try User Role Editor Plugin : Install plugin, then enable the 'export' capability on the current role most commonly Administrator. Edit functions. Issue A File Structure: If the scan takes more than minutes, hangs, or fails then there could be an issue with the file structure of your system. Check your file system to see if there are any directory links that links back to its itself.

When the scan is complete add the full path s of the "Symbolic Links" to the directory filter list on Step 1 of the package creation process. Note: If this process seems too technical then simply contact your host and ask them if there are any symbolic or recursive links in your WordPress directory structure. There are some instances where the scan validator might not pick a symbolic link on your server. Solution 2 Large File Counts: If you're on a budget host or you have your server setup with timeouts then too many files can cause the scan process to timeout.

To overcome this issue go to the directory filter list on Step 1 of the package creation process and add a filter to the directory where the large file count is. If the scan completes then there is a timeout constraint that is keep the process from finishing. The recommend approach is to increase your PHP and Web Server timeouts so the scan is allowed time to finish. Solution 3 Unreadable Files : On some systems certain utf8 characters can cause the scan to have issues.

This is a very uncommon issue and typically more prevalent on Windows operating systems running lower version of PHP. When the scan is complete add the path s of the "Unreadable Files" to the directory filter list on Step 1 of the package creation process.

Try changing the permission of your hosts root. If the issue persists then try and contact your host. Also see: What can I do for issues with migrating a large site? Recommended hosting providers for Duplicator? Solution 3 In some cases a poorly written plugin or theme could have code that conflicts with Duplicator. Scan checks are not required to pass, however they could cause issues on some systems. If you see a 'Warn' status the package may still build on some system.

All of the items on the scan page are simply warnings and you can still proceed to run the build. They are just placed there to give you a heads up should something go wrong when creating the package or installing it. You should always go ahead and try to build a package and see if it builds. A warning is shown at characters to bring attention to the issue and warn users that their might be an issue if the path continues to grow.

Having access to your own server or VPS you should be able to easily follow the instructions for timeouts and get Duplicator running without any issues. Budget Hosts: Its possible that you may run into timeout issues more so with Duplicator Lite on a budget host as it has a single threaded process. If the host kills the PHP process in the middle of trying to zip up your files then it will not be able to archive the file.

Duplicator Pro has a mutli-threaded process that allows for larger sites but can still run into issues with sites above 2GB depending on your hosting provider and their limitations on PHP processes. The best advice with this setup is to first just try to run the build. Running a build is safe and if the process is killed you will simply just see a timeout error message.

In some cases your host may be configured to handle backing up that much data; it just depends on your provider. We have seen some shared hosts backup sites upto 4GB with the Lite version and timeout with a MB on others. It simply boils down to the constraints imposed by your hosting provider.

In your server could be configured with "server separation". You will need to contact your hosting provider for more details however this can be an issue on some systems. Most web server errors can be difficult to track-down as they are being thrown from the web server and not PHP. Below are several options you can try for and errors. Option 1 Config Update: Add the following to your. Many times your host will have access to the web server logs which can help isolate what is triggering the error on their server configurations.

In some cases the host may be able to provide enough information to give you a status as to why the error is being thrown, this information in some cases can help us try different configurations in the hosts environment. Upgrade: Ask your host if they are running the latest version of a web server software such as Apache or nginx. Many times hosts will run very outdated version of software which will have patches and fixes for the issue you're experiencing.

Build-Runtime While the build process runs. Build Issues Problem The build process continues to fail or is having issues completing. Please see the FAQ items below this one that addresses each of the percentages. Typically you will need double the size of your archive file.

So if on the build scan phase your archive size is around MB, then except for your server to have at least MB available. Most hosting platforms allow you to quickly check your available disk usage. Contact your host for exact instructions on how to check your available disk quota. If this is the case try the DupArchive. Option 5 Try Two-Part-Install: If none of the options above work, we recommend doing a two-part install process.

General Troubleshooting In order to find the root cause of the build issue open the log file associated with the package you tried to create and look for some key items. Turn off all cache plugins: Many of the popular cache plugins have been known to create issues when you go to create a package and re-install your system. It is highly recommended that you turn off all caching plugins while creating your package and add the cache directory to the directory filter list.

Option 1 The Plugin is configured for the wrong admin-ajax protocol. If the wp-admin URL is "https" vs "http", then switching protocols may solve the problem only switch if wp-admin is https. Some hosts prevent the server from calling back to itself localhost.

The Fail2Ban service may also be responsible. When accessing the wp-admin area a popup login window shows, then basic authentication enabled. It's possible you have a security plugin running that's blocking things. If you suspect this to be the case submit a support ticket. Pending State: A package in the pending state often indicates that a package created by a schedule can't be processed due to an AJAX communication failure.

Use this plugin to optimize your tables and get rid of unnessary data. Also look for tables that may have un-useful data when migrated. Consider removing any extra data from your database. Filter Table If you have a very large table that your host will not allow for the plugin to process then you can filter it out on the archive database tab and then manually move the table over.

This can happen on lower-end budget hosts. The zip process is getting killed by the server, due to limited resources. This will help you to identify if the issue is purely related to site size. And let you know which archive engine works best on your server. Next adjust the ZipArchive Buffer Size. These rules are a general guidelines, if you find out that the build is working with the 2 seconds to 1MB ratio then it should be safe to slowly increment the buffer size by 10MB increments.

These types of errors indicate that the server is running bit PHP and the site is over 2. If you are running bit PHP and the site is large greater than 2. Almost all hosts support 64 bit PHP these days. Option 3 Perform a 2-step migration which minimizes the package size. This technique is described here. Problem During the build you get a log message that indicates a table doesn't exist in the engine. For a full overview see this article. Option 2 If you can identify the source of the issues such as a plugin then try to filter out all the plugin tables and also filter out the plugin directory when you build the package.

Then on the destination system just install the plugin again. If this is not desirable you might contact the plugin author and ask them how to repair or reinitialize the table that is showing issues. Issue A How to resolve 'Zip warning: No such file or directory' issues? Determine what plugin is actively writing or removing files on your site.

Option 2 Filter Cache directory If you can't determine which plugin is causing the problem, add the cache directory to the file filter: Click Enable File Filters Click the cache link above the Directory box. DupArchive is a robust archive format developed by Snap Creek specifically to work better on budget hosts or in restricted environments. Typically this would be backups created by other backup programs or even nested WordPress sites. Option 3 Check Disk Space ZipArchive close problems can also be caused by lack of space on your account.

Log in to your host panel and observe how much space you have left. If the amount of space left is less than 2x your site size, go through your account and look to eliminate unneeded files. If this is not an option, talk to your host about increasing your disk quota.

Note: If you have Duplicator installed on the same site be sure that no other backup plugins are running at the same time this can lead to close failures. This setting forces a ZipArchive close response after so many files have been loaded. This process can help with FCGI setups. If your package is not building with this setting it is recommended to turn it off.

Option 5 Two Part Install Some hosts are configured in such a way as to limit resources available which can lead to ZipArchive close failures. One way around this is to do a "Two-Part" install. The process for doing is described here: How to do a Two-Part Install. Post-Build After the build process completes. Issue A Why did my scheduled build get canceled yet manual builds work fine?

WordPress does not have an active thread running so in order for a scheduled package to build it has to be kicked off and run when visitors are hitting your site. A side effect of this option is that it causes builds to run slower and timeout. If it is enabled, uncheck it. If the package builds then you are good and the package should not time out.

Option 2 Consider setting up a remote cron schedule that will generate consistent traffic to your site. For full details to this process see How to make my scheduled build run on time? Option 3 If there is very light traffic occurring when the schedule is supposed to run, the package build can actually time out.

Option 1 When running multiple Duplicator plugin instances on the same server on some hosts , the PHP process depending on architecture might have conflicting overlaps. Since each site builds the package file independently, they may interfere with one another. Some web servers are setup in such a way as to only handle the activity on one site at a time this is not common on most hosting platforms.

A quick fix for this is to switch your schedule start time on each site. Make sure each site has a unique daily start time so if all of your sites are set to run at 1am, then try to offset each one by X minutes depending on the size of the site, with your smallest sites running first.

Overview The plugin uses a mechanism similar to WordPress' standard cron scheduling which requires someone to visit the site for an action to occur. This means if you don't have any visitors at the scheduled time, the package won't build until a visitor requests a page.

It's designed this way because the web server only reacts to visits and doesn't have any active threads running. To make scheduled builds more accurate: Move the scheduled time to a time when your site normally has visitors. This lessens the impact to site responsiveness but slows the backup a bit. Schedule Accuracy To guarantee a schedule runs on the time a user sets up the schedule; users can use a third party service to help.

This can also be especially helpful in the event the "Client Side Kickoff" setting has been enabled. This process involves setting up an entry in cron-job. To use this service please follow these steps: Goto cron-job. Even though the request will be coming in every minute even when no build job is running, it would require very little processing so the simple request will not impact your site performance.

Custom Crons: Plugin users should not use custom WP-Crons or plugins like WP Control Cron Manager to setup custom cron jobs because they are all limited by the same thing that Duplicator is limited by. Since WordPress has no active threads it requires traffic to start the execution of any logic, which is why the remote request is the best route to take.

Issue A When clicking to download the installer or archive files it will not download or shows an error. Solution 3 Disable. Then try to download the installer or archive file from the main menu or the package details screen. Solution 4 Adjust Mime-Type: If you have issues downloading the these file types. Check with your server administrator on how to make sure the correct MIME types are configured for download. A quick setting for Apache web servers is to create or edit the.

Add the following text to your. Other web servers will have similar configurations. Please check with your server administrator for your proper setup. If you can not download the installer. Solution 5 Browser Settings: Check your browser settings to make sure that the save as dialog is designed to pop up for the the following mime types.

Also consider switching browsers for any kind of download issue, even if you are only getting a partial download. To fix this issue we recommend using SSL on all parts of your site. Before making this change please read through all the steps in order to be aware of how to back-out of the change if needed.

We recommend that you test these steps in a staging environment before trying on a production one. For a full overview on how to change these values back see this article. Plugins can be deactivated on step 3 of the installer under the options section. WP-Config: Check the wp-config. There are several common reasons for a slow build: Unnecessarily Files: Look for large file warnings during the scan report step. Problem When creating a package or exporting plugin settings the results of malformed utf-8 characters notice is present.

After that, rebuild the package to see if the issue goes away. Note: This setting is only available in Duplicator Pro. Option 2 Setting Migration: If you are using the settings migration export tool and see this error then data stored in the settings, templates, storage or schedule area has become corrupted. Check the data in the failed area to make sure the data is correct. If the data looks correct consider re-saving the data in that respective area.

If the problem persists consider removing the items one by one to isolate the setting that is causing the issue. Install Modes The installer process can be ran in the following modes. Pre-Install Before the install process starts. After successfully creating the package files installer. Classic Install This feature is different from Import Install in that it does not require that WordPress be installed.

The "Classic Install" process requires that you upload both the installer and archive files to the destination server or host in an empty directory. For full step-by-step instructions see Classic Install section of the the Quick Start guide. Overwrite Install This process is very similar to the "Classic Install" except that it depends on an existing WordPress site content to be present vs and empty directory.

This process requires that you upload both the installer and archive files to the destination server with WordPress already installed. For full step-by-step instructions see Overwrite Install section of the the Quick Start guide. Solution 1 Self Discovery: You can easily find the domain to server path location by simply following these easy steps: Create a file called test.

FTP the test. Keep moving the file around in the various directories on your server until you can locate the test. Solution 2 Contact Host: This is by far the fastest way to locate the proper path. The physical path on a web server will map to a domain name and inside of your hosts control panel will be various ways to manage this process. Could you please point me to the full path for where this domain name points to on the server? Thanks Once you have received the path from the host, place the installer and archive in the path they have provided.

The full details of the Database Only Install can be found in the quick start guide. During the Classic Install process on Step 1 Pro and Step 2 Lite of the installer you will need to connect to a database. You have several options when it comes to setting up the database: Option 1 Hosts Control Panel: Create a database and user with your host's control panel.

Then assign the user full rights to the database. Here are the basic steps: Login to your hosts control panel and find the section to create a new database Create the new database and copy down the database name Create a new or assign an existing database user to the database and write down the database user name Open the Duplicator installer.

This mode will allow you to overwrite an existing site and reuse that site's database and existing wp-config. During this process you will be notified of the existing database and database user of the site you are about to overwrite. Check the values and click "apply" and the existing database settings will be used. Note: This option will wipe out your current site and database data.

Option 4 Change the install process to use the Import Install Mode. This process will use the database settings of the currently installed WordPress site where the import is taking place. Option 5 Within Duplicator Open the the installer step 1 Pro or step 2 Lite From the database action drop-down choose the 'Create New Database' option In the Database input type the name of the database you want to create Type in the name of an existing database user.

Duplicator does not create a new user. On most hosting providers the database action option to 'Create New Database' is not supported, this is a restriction of your host not Duplicator. To watch the database process checkout these two videos: Follow Along Step-By-Step starting of How to setup database in cPanel.

In the event you no longer have a copy of the installer. Follow these steps to get the installer file. Download the archive. Inside of the archive will be an exact copy of the original installer file in the root of the archive file. This can be helpful if you are experiencing timeouts, slowness or general extraction issues. Transfer both the installer. This mode will simply skip the installers extraction process. Solution 1 It's highly desirable to have little to no downtime when moving a site - but how exactly can you install the new site while the DNS is still pointing to the old site?

With this many options Duplicator has chosen to keep the process simple and allow users to safely update their own configuration files vs trying to parse millions of different combinations. Below is a quick outline for how. Build Process: When an archive. Installer Step 1: When archive file is extracted in Step 1 it will extract the file in this.

This is by design so that the. Trying to run the. This allows for the advanced options in step 1 to considered if needed. Installer Step 4: After step 3 is ran either the. If the advanced option is chosen then the. Installer Step 1: When the installer extracts the archive. Installer Step 3: In step 3 on the options WP-Config file tab there are optional parameters to add to the wp-config. Installer Step 4: This process will generate the wp-config.

Workflow Database Workflow Below is an overview of the database workflow that takes place when a database is created and then re-deployed to its new location. The below outline covers the installer when used in advanced mode which contains four steps vs the two steps found in basic mode.

Installer Step 2: The process will execute the SQL data file and install an exact copy of how it was built into the specified database choose in the installer step 1 Installer Step 3: This step is where the database data is updated to support its new environment. The update engine runs through every cell in the database looking for the old URL of the source site old site replacing it with the destination site new site. Emails When you migrate a site to a new domain, by default the emails associated with the source domain are not touched.

For example if a. There is an option that lets you change this behavior, so the email domain is switched as well. To enable this option in advanced mode see step 3 of the installer. Issue A Import Link How to resolve import links not properly pulling down the archive?

Solution 1 Server Permissions If you see a permission error in the log consider visiting this FAQ for solving various permission issues. Solution 2 PHP Execution There are several items you check if the location where the import installer file is trying to run does not allow PHP execution.

For example an. Solution: Temporarily rename the htaccess file Security Plugin: Some plugins like Wordfence "might" try to block the request. If this is the case try to temporarily disable the plugin to see if it resolves the issue. Host or Software If the hosting has set the block via server setting the only solution is to ask the hosting to deactivate the block or change hosting On other systems software like Secure have the ability to prevent the execution of PHP files via cPanel settings.

In general if you cannot run a PHP file it is always a good thing to ask your host. If it is not possible to solve the situation there then the standard install modes are still available. Remember that if the package you try to install was created in the same place where you install it, the backup restore installation is activated by default, which is practically identical to the recovery point.

Option 1 Server Permissions If you see a permission error in the log consider visiting this FAQ for solving various permission issues. Option 2 Install Modes In the event your host does not allow for PHP execution in the directories where Duplicator is trying to run the import then you may need to switch to a different Install Mode. After that, just proceed with the install. Patched: Duplicator Pro Version 4. Please update to 4.

Issue A I need to restore my site from a crash or other major issue. Before doing so consider that purpose of your restore. For example if your site has been hacked, has crashed or something has gone wrong, what are your options? Solution 1 Recovery Point Restore This option which is only available in Duplicator Pro and allows users to restore from a specific recovery point or simply a URL link.

Solution 2 Manual Restore If you choose to restore a site here are some recommended steps to take. We recommend cleaning out the directory and starting with a brand new database, this way you can be sure the issue you where having before will not show back up due to a corrupted file or database table.

Starting with a clean environment always helps to lower your risk for issues. Follow these steps to restore a site. Clean out Directory: Delete all the exiting files of your WordPress site. If your not sure contact your host. Its not required but having your host backup all the current files and database is a good idea. Copy Package: Place the archive. Solution 3 Professional Restore Depending on the severity of your site going down there are alternatives you can take before trying to restoring a previous backup.

It is recommended to take these approaches first because you won't loose any data that may have been added to your site since the previous backup. In some cases if you do restore of a previous backup that may not fix the issue permanently. For example in the case of a hacked site if the security patch was not applied to the back up you want to restore then the security breach can easily happen after the site is restored if the threat is not properly identified.

Below are some options to consider before trying to restore a site. Hire a professional developer to troubleshoot your issue. Have your site cleaned by a service like WordFence If your in a hurry or not familiar with Duplicator, consider hiring a professional developer.

Issue A Forbidden When browsing to the installer. Solution 2 If you would like to try and fix the issue yourself there are many different techniques you can try, but remember every host is setup differently so some of these options may not properly work on your hosts and others will.

Solution 1 Contact Host: This error indicates that your web server is not setup to serve up web pages. If your not familiar with setting up web servers such as Apache, then the quickest way to fix this issue is to work with your hosting provider and tell them you get a at "XYZ" URL. They should be able to get you up and running in minutes.

This is not something the plugin will be able to handle or fix as its a web server configuration issue. Then try to browse out to both of them via a web browser. If neither work then your site is not setup to server from the location at which they are placed. If only the test. If your not sure about how to configure your web server to server from the proper path or serve up PHP files then contact your hosting admin as these are not issues the plugin will be able to fix.

Option 1 Contact Host: The Method Not Allowed is an HTTP response status code indicating that the specified request HTTP method was received and recognized by the server but the server has rejected that particular method for the requested resource. The bulk of responses have to do with how the web server is configured. The fastest way to resolve this issue is to work with the hosting companies technical support team.

Typically what needs to be adjusted is how the web server excepts requests. The server error log on your hosts platform should help the system admin locate the specific request and adjust the server accordingly. Option 2 Troubleshoot Server If you are familiar with troubleshooting web server issues you might have a look at this detailed troubleshooting guide.

Options Web Server: Check to make sure the web server is setup properly. Create a new file named test. Inside the test. Server Logs: Examine the server error log as explained here. If you don't have direct access to the server logs ask your host support to look for any errors in the logs for you. Permissions: Check the permissions on installer.

On most hosts it should be and files should be Be sure to double check with your hosting provider or server admin as to how they want permissions setup on their servers. Change Browsers: Open another web browser and check for the white screen. If it works in the new browser then it may be a browser cache issue.

Config Files: Backup and remove hidden configuration files such as. These files under certain circumstances have have configurations that prevent the installer from running. Simply remove them from the same directory that the installer. In this case try to rename the file to something else. Using the 'installer. To get around this setup add the following to the top of the installer.

Issue A Lost Password When loading the installer there is a password or archive file input that you don't know or have lost. For the archive file name see the General section. Solution 2 To override the password screen simply do the following: Contact support to help modify the code to fix.

Solution 1 Installer Location: The installer. Solution 2 Browser Restarts: These quick solutions can resolve most issues with this notice: Close your browser and browse to the installer. Clear your browser's cache and cookies restart the browser and try to browse to the installer again. Try a different browser An attempt was made to access the main-installer. Be sure to always start the install wizard by first going to the installer.

Issue A Archive Not Found When a package is created a unique installer is created for each unique archive file. If a message "Installer and archive mismatch detected" shows then the archive. Common Error Messages - Archive not found! Once extracted you can browse to the installer-backup. Note: You can rename this file to whatever you want but be sure to delete it after the install process is completed. Solution 2 Make sure that when you download the installer, that you download the archive that goes with the installer.

Also, make sure the archive has been fully downloaded and then uploaded. The size of the archive on your local machine needs to match the size of the archive shown on the packages screen - if it doesn't try to re-download. Solution 3 In more rare cases you might try the install on a different browser without any extensions enabled. If you are running your sites behind a proxy consider temporarily turning off the proxy then flush your dns cache.

If you are running a VPN or firewall software, consider turning off those features temporarily to see if that resolves the issue. Option 1 On some web servers the server auto-inserts an. After doing that browse to the installer. In some cases you may need to clear your web browsers cache. This will cause issues with the Duplicator because the installer looks for a. Attempt to download the plugin again - it should come down as a single file.

The archive should have files such wp-config. To get a raw copy of the archive. When opening a web browser and browsing to the installer. If you see a bunch of text and code then the web server you placed the installer file on is not setup correctly or the installer file was corrupted when the web server served it up as part of the download process.

Below outlines a few different scenarios you might run into when trying to run the installer. For instruction on how to setup your own WordPress server see this article. There may be others issues you run into. The file at this point should be a normal PHP file. Use backup installer: Another option is to open the archive. Solution 3 Download Prompts: If you browse to the installer and get a download prompt then you may have a.

To validate this simply create a blank file called test. If you also get download prompt when browsing to it via a web browser then your web configuration setup is not correct. Here are a few options: Non-Technical Route: If your not technical or just don't have time to mess around with server setups contact your host and tell them your site is not properly processing PHP files. They should be able to get you going quickly. Below area few options: In many cases the transfer of the file from one server to another can cause the installer to get corrupted.

Change from ANSI to UTF-8 try to convert from one format to the other and then save the file and then re-upload the installer file to the server to see which version works. Install-Time While the install wizard is being ran. There can be several different causes for the error. Below are some common fixes when using Duplicator. This simply means the host your on is blocking your IP from doing certain operations. Solution 3 DYI: During the install process it is possible that your host might automatically lay-down a.

Typically Duplicator works best if no. If your wanting to try and resolve the issue your-self without your hosts assistance then check out the article below: How to Fix Gateway Timeout Error in WordPress Solution 4 Permissions: A error in Step 1 processing on Duplicator Lite can sometimes be due to a timeout during zip extraction or on Duplicator Lite or Pro when file permissions are being set. To get around this, first do a Manual Extraction then uncheck the Files and Directory permissions boxes on Step 1 of the installer.

Solution 1 In the event the host you are on has issues with AJAX callbacks the best solution is run a manual install. Notice: The quickest way to isolate this error is contact your hosting provider or server admin. They will be able to monitor the web server logs for clues much quicker that our support staff can with logs only generated by PHP. Issue A Extraction Issues During archive extraction the process fails or does not work. To quickly determine if the archive is valid try to extract it on your local computer a program such as winzip, winrar, 7zip etc.

If the client program errors during extraction then the archive. Proceed to option 2 if the client side program also errors. If the client side program works without issues then proceed to option 3. Option 2 Validate Download Process: If you transferred via FTP make sure that the FTP client is in binary mode when transferring down to your local box and then also when it's transferring back up to your host or destination server.

If you downloaded straight from the plugin interface then try the download one more time to make sure that the http transfer is clean. Solution 3 These problems usually indicate the web server it not allowing files to be written to the directory. A common solution is to edit the Apache virtual hosts file and include the "AllowOverride All" instruction.

On some hosting providers you will have the ability to use multiple extraction engines. By default almost every server will support "ZipArchive", however some hosts also support "Shell Exec Unzip". If you run into issues during the extraction process try to switch the archive engine from one format to the other. Option 5 Manual Extraction: If for some reason the client side program works fine see step 1 and neither of the archive engines work from step 3 then you may want to try a manual extraction of the archive file.

Option 6 Imunify If your server or host runs Imunify then its possible the software might cause issues with the extraction process. If so consider checking out this FAQ titled How to fix installer validation checks? Option 1 This behavior should NOT happen and is usually caused by either a corrupted zip file or a zip file that was created with filenames that are too long.

Fix 2: Flush the cache in the plugin settings or remove all files from cache directory. Fix 3: Temporarily remove and delete the plugin then create a new package set from the Duplicator. To validate files are not correctly extracting. Download the package to your desktop and try to manually extract with a desktop program like winrar, winzip or any other zip extracting software. During extraction you will receive and error message if there is a corrupt file in the archive.

Overview On step 1 of the installer a set of validation routines are ran to help discover any possible issues that might arise. The following statues will show based on the state of the issue, with the various color codes. Status Details Pass The check passed and there are no issues detected Notice An issue has been detected however the risk is very low. Continue with the install process and if you run into issues then consider getting the notice fixed. Warn An issue has been detected and the risk of install issues is high.

You may continue with the install, however it is recommended that you address the issue if possible. Fail A critical issue has been detected and the install will be halted, until the issue is resolved General All checks in this section are detailed in the installer, no additional information is currently needed from the FAQ.

File System This section covers all checks related to the file system. If you continue with the install process you may see one of the items listed below in the logs. Imunify has a feature called "Proactive Defense" which is set to "Kill" by default - it incorrectly views an installer file as malicious so Imunify ends up trashing package installations. After this you should be able to install without an issue.

If you want Proactive Defense on your website after the install, you can re-enable after installation is complete. For additional instructions on how to control this service see this article Disable Imunify cPanel. Note: In the event you don't see an option for Imunify on your host panel please contact your host support and ask them to at least temporarily disable the Proactive Defense part of Imunify Option 1 During step 1 of the installer if a.

A new. This behavior can be skipped by check the option to skip config file updates under Step 1 options section or you can follow these steps: You can try to do this: Perform a manual extraction. At the end of the installation, check the wp-config. If database connection or timeout issues occur during the install process consider the solutions below. Make sure the database user has the correct permissions.

For example: a read only privilege can't add data to the database. Check the following list to validate permissions. Be sure the database and database user have been created Be sure the password matches the database user being used Be sure the database user is assigned to the database with the correct permissions Temporarly change the database user password to 'test' to validate character input Contact your hosting provider for the exact required parameters Solution 2 Hostname Validation: The host input 'localhost' works in most cases however it may not on your host so double check with your hosting provider for the exact settings.

Often it's something like mysql. Sometimes it may even have a port number like "mysql. Please see this site for other various combinations. Please see this forum thread for an example of how to locate the correct hostname. Quickest Fix: If you're on a hosted server contact your provider to make sure your using the exact credentials they need for their servers.

Many hosting providers have different ways for how to connect to their databases. Solution 1 In order for the database connection to properly take place a database user but be assigned to the database and granted 'full privileges' to the database. The codex covers various setups in this article. Solution 2 If solution 1 still does not work then try and create a new database user granting full permissions and assigning it to the database.

This process can sometimes alleviate any cache issues stored on the database. If the problem still persists contact your host and have them perform the "Basic Troubleshooting" section below to find out why the hosting environment is having issues with database user permissions through PHP. Solution 3 When moving a site from one mysql server to another the destination server may not have the correct privileges enabled. Then rebuild the package and re-install. Open the database.

To do this typically you can remove settings that look like the code block below. Typically its best to only remove the line where you are seeing the errors. If the database engine versions are too far apart then it would be recommend to work with your host or server admin to bring the version closer together.

Continue with the install. If Option 1 does not work or the SQL chunking option is not available then try option 2. Solution 2 Manual SQL Execution Pro Only This process allow you to skip the database insertion process, but still run the database update step 3 process. Quick Steps Advanced Steps Extract the database. Go to phpAdmin or the equivalent. Remove existing database tables. The phpMyAdmin procedure is described here Import the database.

If you believe all the parameters your entering in the installer are correct, you can validate them by creating a simple file in the same directory as the installer called db-test. This will help isolate if your params are in-deed correct, if you're unsure of how to use the script send it to your host and ask them for help. Try these in the order they are presented. Solution 1 "Unable to create database In this case you will need to create a database through the tools they provide.

On most hosts you can do this through the cpanel. Please contact your host for how to create a new database. Duplicator Pro users should be able to use the cPanel connection tab to login to there cPanel accounts and create the database through the cPanel installer interface. Alternatively you can use the Import or Overwrite modes. It is best to make sure the server where the installer is running has the same or higher version number than where it was built.

If the major and minor version are the same or close for example [5. A version pair of [5. If the versions are too far apart work with your hosting provider to upgrade the MySQL engine on this server. The utf8mb4 format is only supported in MySQL server 5. It is highly recommended to upgrade your version of MySQL server on this server to be more compatible with recent releases of WordPress and avoid issues with install errors. This issue can be resolved by updating the MySQL my.

This value may just need to be uncommented. While the distributions are very close there are some subtle differences. Some operating systems will report the version such as "5. Please note some messages are simply notices. It is highly recommended to continue with the install process and closely monitor the installer-log. If any issues are found please visit the FAQ pages and see the question How to resolve database errors or general warnings on the install report?

The current fix is to remove the offending table options from the DB dump by doing a manual search-and-replace on the file. There are 4 ways to solve this issue. Option 1 is the quickest, easiest and safest way to resolve this issue Unknown Collation Overview: An 'Unknown collation' error means the MySQL server being installed on target server is older than the MySQL engine you created the package on. You can view the MySQL server version comparison by clicking on the 'Test Connection' button in the installer or by viewing the installer-log.

Best Fix: The best and easiest way to solve this issue is to ask you're host to move your account to a MySQL server that supports the collation type you need see example above. Simply give them the error message your getting and they can help move you to the correct server. Most host will not upgrade the current server your site is on, however they should be able to easily move your account to a newer server.

This is a very common practice and a good host should be able to help out pretty easily. If you're running any version lower than 5. We strongly encourage users to work with their hosts to use up-to-date software for improved security and performance and to stay in compliance with updates from WordPress core. Don't let a crappy host use outdated software on your site. Database Upgrades: Compatibility Mode should only be used as an last resort. The recommended approach to fixing database issues is to make sure that both database servers are up-to date and very close in version numbers see OPTION 1.

For example if the database server where you create the package database is 5. N range. Ask your host or server admin to upgrade the mysql server to a newer version if possible. If your host will not upgrade to a recent upgrade ask them to upgrade to as high of a version as possible. Data Preservation: While there are several work-a-rounds on the internet Option 4 explaining how you can modify the current SQL file or use mysql dump compatibility mode, the main underlying issue is that you stored data in one format and are now going to convert it.

These techniques can lead to data loss and incompatibility issues later down the road. The correct approach is to upgrade the MySQL software. Duplicator currently supports two different modes. Query Reports. Manage Data Views. Manage Study Notifications. Manage Categories. Manage Thumbnail Images. Measure and Dimension Columns.

Legacy Reports. Legacy Chart Views. Deprecated: Crosstab Reports. Bar Charts. Box Plots. Line Plots. Pie Charts. Scatter Plots. Time Charts. Column Visualizations. Quick Charts. Integrate with Tableau. Tutorial: Lists. Step 1: Set Up List Tutorial. Step 2: Create a Joined Grid. Create Lists. Edit a List Design. Populate a List. Manage Lists. R Reports. R Report Builder. Saved R Reports. Multi-Panel R Plots. Lattice Plots. Participant Charts in R. R Reports with knitr. Premium RStudio Integration.

Connect to RStudio. Edit R Reports in RStudio. Export Data to RStudio. Advanced Initialization of RStudio. Configure Docker Host. SQL Queries. SQL Query Browser. Create a SQL Query. Lookups: SQL Syntax. Query Metadata. Query Metadata: Examples. Edit Query Properties. Trace Query Dependencies. Query Web Part. SQL Synonyms. JOIN Queries. Calculated Columns. Pivot Queries. Queries Across Folders.

Parameterized SQL Queries. External Schemas and Data Sources. External Oracle Data Sources. External Redshift Data Sources. Linked Schemas and Tables. Manage Remote Connections. Controlling Data Scope. Ontology Integration. Load Ontologies. Concept Annotations. Ontology Column Filtering. Ontology Lookup. Ontology SQL.

Data Quality Control. Quality Control Trend Reports. Define QC Trend Report. Use QC Trend Reports. Search Administration. Spotfire Integration. Premium Resource: Embed Spotfire Visualizations. Document Abstraction Workflow. Automatic Assignment for Abstraction. Manual Assignment for Abstraction. Abstraction Task Lists. Document Abstraction. Review Document Abstraction. Review Multiple Result Sets. NLP Result Transfer. Run NLP Pipeline. Premium Resource: Bulk Editing.

Assay Data. Step 1: Assay Tutorial Setup. Step 3: Import Assay Data. Step 4: Visualize Assay Results. Step 5: Collect Experimental Metadata. Tutorial: Assay Data Validation. Assay Administrator Guide. Set Up Folder For Assays. Design a New Assay. Assay Design Properties. Design a Plate-Based Assay. Customize Plate Templates. Standard Plate-Based Assays. Specialty Plate-Based Assays. Manage an Assay Design. Set up a Data Transform Script. Link Assay Data into a Study. Link-To-Study History.

Assay Feature Matrix. Assay User Guide. Import Assay Runs. Multi-File Assay Runs. Work with Assay Runs. Exclude Assay Data. Re-import Assay Runs. Export Assay Data. Assay Terminology. ELISpot Assay. Flow Cytometry. Flow Cytometry Overview. LabKey Flow Module. Set Up a Flow Folder. Tutorial: Import a Flow Workspace. Step 1: Customize Your Grid View. Step 2: Examine Graphs. Step 3: Examine Well Details. Step 4: Export Flow Data. Step 5: Flow Quality Control. Tutorial: Set Flow Background.

Step 1: Define a Compensation Calculation. Step 2: Define an Analysis. Step 3: Apply a Script. Step 4: View Results. Import a Flow Workspace and Analysis. Edit Keywords. Add Sample Descriptions. Flow Module Schema. Analysis Archive Format. Add Flow Data to a Study. FCS keyword utility. FluoroSpot Assay. Luminex Assay Tutorial Level I. Set Up Luminex Tutorial Folder.

Step 2: Import Luminex Run Data. Step 3: Exclude Analytes for QC. Step 4: Import Multi-File Runs. Step 5: Link Luminex Data to Study. Step 1: Import Lists and Assay Archives. Step 2: Configure R, Packages and Script. Step 3: Import Luminex Runs. Step 4: View 4pl and 5pl Curve Fits. Luminex Calculations. Luminex QC Reports and Flags.

Luminex Reference. Review Luminex Assay Design. Luminex Properties. Luminex File Formats. Review Well Roles. Luminex Conversions. Customize Luminex Assay for Script. Review Fields for Script. Microarray: Expression Matrix. Expression Matrix Assay Tutorial. Mass Spectrometry. Discovery Proteomics. Discovery Proteomics Tutorial. Step 1: Set Up for Proteomics Analysis. Step 3: View PeptideProphet Results. Step 4: View ProteinProphet Results. Step 5: Compare Runs.

Step 6: Search for a Specific Protein. Work with MS2 Data. Set Up Mascot. Set Up Sequest. Set Up Comet. Search and Process MS2 Data. Configure Common Parameters. Configure X! Tandem Parameters. Configure Mascot Parameters.

Configure Sequest Parameters. Sequest Parameters. Configure Comet Parameters. Trigger MS2 Processing Automatically. Set Proteomics Search Tools Version. Explore the MS2 Dashboard. View an MS2 Run. Peptide Columns. Protein Columns. View Peptide Spectra. View Protein Details. View Gene Ontology Information. Experimental Annotations for MS2 Runs. Protein Search. Peptide Search. Compare MS2 Runs. Compare ProteinProphet. Export MS2 Runs. Export Spectra Libraries.

MS2: File-based Module Resources. Work with Mascot Runs. Loading Public Protein Annotation Files. Using Custom Protein Annotations. Using ProteinProphet. Using Quantitation Tools. MaxQuant Module. Spectra Counts. Label-Free Quantitation. Combine XTandem Results. Run Groups. NAb Neutralizing Antibody Assays. Tutorial: NAb Assay. Use NAb Data Identifiers. NAb Assay QC. Work with Multiple Viruses per Plate. NAb Plate File Formats. Customize NAb Plate Template.

NAb Assay Reference. Signal Data Assay. Assay Request Tracker. Experiment Framework. Experiment Terminology. Experiment Runs. XAR Files. Record Lab Workflow. Tutorial: Lab Workflow Folder. Step 1: Create the User Interface. Step 2: Import Lab Data. Step 4: Using and Extending the Lab Workspace.

Reagent Module. Data Classes. Create Data Class. Create Sample Type. Sample Naming Patterns. Aliquot Naming Patterns. Import Samples. View Sample Types and Samples. Link Assay Data to Samples. Link Sample Data to Study. Parent Samples: Derivation and Lineage. Sample Types: Examples. Provenance Module: Run Builder. Barcode Fields. Tutorial: Longitudinal Studies. Step 1: Study Dashboards. Step 2: Study Reports. Step 3: Compare Participant Performance.

Tutorial: Set Up a New Study. Step 1: Create Study Framework. Step 2: Import Datasets. Step 3: Identify Cohorts. Step 4: Integrate and Visualize Data. Install an Example Study. Study User Guide. Study Navigation. Participant Groups. Study Administrator Guide. Study Management. Study Properties. Manage Datasets. Manage Visits or Timepoints. Study Schedule. Manage Locations. Manage Cohorts. Alternate Participant IDs.

Alias Participant IDs. Manage Study Security. Manage Study Products. Manage Treatments. Manage Assay Schedule. Assay Progress Report. Study Demo Mode. Create a Study. Create and Populate Datasets. Import Data to a Dataset. Import From a Dataset Archive. Dataset Properties. Study: Reserved and Special Fields. Dataset System Fields. Visits and Dates. Create Visits Manually. Edit Visits or Timepoints. Import Visit Map. Continuous Studies. Export a Study. Import a Study.

Reload a Study. Study Object Files and Formats. Publish a Study. Ancillary Studies. Refresh Data in Ancillary and Published Studies. Cohort Blinding. Shared Datasets and Timepoints. Create a Vaccine Study Design. Vaccine Study: Data Storage. Structured Narrative Datasets. SND: Packages. SND: Categories. SND: Super-packages. SND: Projects. SND: Events. SND: Event Triggers. Extending SND Tables. XML Import of Packages. Enterprise Master Patient Index Integration.

Specimen Tracking Legacy. Tutorial: Specimen Request System. Step 1: Repository Setup Admin. Step 2: Request System Specimen Coordinator. Step 3: Request Specimens User. Step 4: Track Requests Specimen Coordinator. Specimens: Administrator Guide. Import Specimen Spreadsheet Data. Import a Specimen Archive. Specimen Archive File Reference. Specimen Data Tables. Automated External Specimen Imports.

Query-based Specimen Import. Import FreezerPro Data. Delete Specimens. Specimen Fields and Rollup Rules. Flag Specimens for Quality Control. Edit Specimen Data. Customize the Specimen Request Email Template. Export a Specimen Archive. Specimen Coordinator Guide. Email Specimen Lists. Specimen Comments. Manage Comments. View Specimen Vials and Grouped Vials. Generate Specimen Reports. Panorama: Targeted Mass Spectrometry. Panorama Partners Program. Configure Panorama Folder.

Panorama Data Import. Panorama Experimental Data Folder. Panorama: Skyline Document Management. Panorama: Skyline Replicates View. Panorama: Skyline Lists. Panorama: Skyline Annotation Data. Panorama: Skyline Audit Log. Panorama: Calibration Curves. Working with Small Molecule Targets. Panorama: Heat Maps. Panorama Multi-Attribute Method Folder. Panorama Chromatogram Library Folder. Using Chromatogram Libraries. Panorama: Reproducibility Report. Panorama QC Folders. Panorama QC Plots.

Panorama QC Plot Types. Panorama QC Annotations. Panorama QC Guide Sets. Panorama: Pareto Plots. Panorama: iRT Metrics. Panorama: Configure QC Metrics. Panorama: Outlier Notifications. Panorama and Sample Management. Tutorial: File Repository. Step 1: Set Up a File Repository.

Step 2: File Repository Administration. Step 3: Search the Repository. Step 4: Import Data from the Repository. Using the Files Repository. View and Share Files. Import Data from Files. Linking Assays with Images and Other Files. Linking Data Records to Image Files.

File Metadata. File Administrator Guide. Files Web Part Administration. File Root Options. Troubleshoot Pipeline and Files. File Terminology. Enterprise Pipeline. JMS Queue. Configure the Conversion Service. Configure Remote Pipeline Server. Use the Enterprise Pipeline. Troubleshoot the Enterprise Pipeline. S3 Cloud Data Storage. AWS Identity Credentials. Configure Cloud Storage. Use Files from Cloud Storage.

Cloud Storage for File Watchers. Use Message Boards. Configure Message Boards. Object-Level Discussions. Create a Wiki. Wiki Admin Guide. Copy Wiki Pages. Wiki User Guide. Wiki Syntax. Wiki Syntax: Macros. Markdown Syntax. Special Wiki Pages. Web Part Configuration Properties. Add Screenshots to a Wiki. Tutorial: Issue Tracking. Using the Issue Tracker. Issue Tracker: Administration. Tutorial: Survey Designer, Step 1.

Tutorial: Survey Customization, Step 2. Survey Designer: Reference. Survey Designer: Examples. Workflow Module. Workflow Process Definition. Adjudication Module. Set Up an Adjudication Folder. Initiate an Adjudication Case. Make an Adjudication Determination. Monitor Adjudication. Infection Monitor. Audit of Adjudication Events. Role Guide: Adjudicator. Role Guide: Adjudication Lab Personnel. Tours for New Users Deprecated. Hopscotch Options for Tours Deprecated.

Contact Information. How to Cite LabKey Server. Set Up a Development Machine. Gradle Build Overview. Build LabKey from Source. Build from Source or Not. Customize the Build. Git Ignore Configurations. Build Offline.

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Cyberduck cannot extract archive Solution 1 Normally the notification should show on your plugins page like other plugins. This mode will simply skip the installers extraction process. Review Subscription Info. Documentation Home. Step 5: Link Luminex Data to Study.
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Cyberduck cannot extract archive WinSCP is a popular file transfer client for Windows, boasting over million downloads. Add Sample Descriptions. The following might work on your Apache or Litespeed server. Removing the plugin does not remove the installer files nor do you need to remove the plugin after the install unless you want to. Data Basics.
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Launch your own Amazon S3 compatible object storage server in few seconds. Build cloud-native applications portable across all major public and private clouds. Use the generic connection profiles for third party providers. We do not endorse any particular provider.

This list is in not exhaustive and in no particular order. Download and double click the connection profile file. One simple storage solution that is faster than Amazon S3 yet cheaper than Amazon Glacier. Wasabi's immutable buckets protect you against most common causes of data loss.

Download connection profiles. Download connection profile. Download connection profile Region NYC3. Download connection profile Region AMS3. Download connection profile Region SGP1. Download connection profile Region SFO2. I guess I was just expecting to see it in right click. I did look in the drop down menues, but didn't find it.

Guess I should look again. Skip to content. Star 1. New issue. Jump to bottom. Labels core enhancement version Copy link. Collaborator Author. Sign up for free to subscribe to this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in.

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