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Provides a dialog for quick grid/data exports to Excel, HTML, JSON, PHP, even LaTeX. There are a few cons to HeidiSQL: Does not offer a. Find other service for json, xml, sql, formatter other than Format Express. HeidiSQL - MariaDB, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite made easy VS Format. HeidiSQL lets you see and edit data and structures of database systems such as MariaDB, XML Marker is an XML and Json Editor that uses a synchronized. DBEAVER CREATE PROCEDURE

MySQL - Update all rows. MySQL - Update multiple rows at once. MySQL - add column to existing table. MySQL - average value for grouped rows. MySQL - boolean data type. MySQL - calculate average of column values and display the result with no decimals. MySQL - check version from command line. MySQL - concatenate multiple columns into one.

MySQL - concatenate multiple rows into one field. MySQL - count distinct values. MySQL - count duplicated rows. MySQL - delete all duplicated rows except one. MySQL - delete row where column is empty string blank. MySQL - delete row where column is null. MySQL - duplicate table. MySQL - find all tables with specific column names.

MySQL - find duplicated values. MySQL - find duplicated values in multiple columns. MySQL - find first row. MySQL - find row with null value in column. MySQL - find row with null value in one of many columns. MySQL - find rows where column is empty string blank.

MySQL - get difference between two columns. MySQL - how to check database size? MySQL - how to check existing table engine? HeidiSQL example. MySQL - make column values unique. MySQL - max value for grouped rows. MySQL - minimum value for grouped rows. MySQL - numeric data types. MySQL - select first N rows.

MySQL - select last N rows. MySQL - select last row. Typical examples include:. For example when applying for a job, there are multiple steps involved:. At any one time you may have multiple jobs somewhere in the process, and a typical status report would show a list of each job and its current status. This brings us back to the question of displaying the jobs and activities.

FileMaker portals display the related records for each master record but a portal almost by definition shows only a specific number of transactions at a time in a scrollable window. For a printed report, where we want to see all of the related records, we need to define the report without the portal.

The trick is to start defining the report using the transaction table as the basis of the report displaying the fields in the body band and referencing the master table in the sub summary band. When setting this up, it looks something like this:. Note the report bands on the extreme left, with the body band at the bottom, the sub summary above it, and the report header band at the top.

Also, the reference to the related field in the subsummary band are prefaced with the double colonon. This solves the problem of applying to more than one job at a single employer, in that it effectively provides a unique field name to display the transactions for just one job at a time. After reading for weeks that the iPad is going down the tubes, waah waah waah, Apple has just announced a new 9. Of course… let me count the ways:. A quick Google search also shows up some open source solutions that you could install on your Linux server.

This is just about right for our workgroup; we currently have 8 full and part-timers on our team, which leaves 2 additional slots available for what we hope we have for growth in the next year. While we do have an office, we are a distributed group. Each full-timer spends a minimum of one day per week outside the office, and our part time employees either work from home, or come in during only part of their week. This is a Linux server running the Samba file-management system which is solid and reliable, but a pain to manage.

On Linux if you know how Samba works; and a GUI interface is really helpful… you can restrict each of the folders to groups of appropriate users. There is an additional complication with Samba in that you have to maintain a parallel set of Linux logins and home directories for each Samba user. Box provides the ability to maintain a similar set of permissions and file restrictions within a web interface.

It involves the segmenting function, where you create subsets of your list. MailChimp calls these subsets segments, and the classic use for this is to break up a large list so that you can test different segments by using different subject lines, or mailing times. MailChimp vs. The available criteria are fixed , but there are a lot of useful ones.

You can combine up to five criteria in a single segment request. You can query how many subscribers opened:. Mailchimp Segment Drop-Down. MailChimp — Segment Results. We include this field on our MailChimp sign-up form. It will be populated only if we acquired the user through that form and if they choose to give us that information.

We also ask for zip code. Oddly enough, new acquisitions start out with two stars. If they fail to respond to several campaigns, then they are demoted to one star. This is well documented on the MailChimp web site. This is done by using a intermediate program called plink which sits between HeidiSQL and Putty the terminal program for accessing the Linux command line. It was cool to be able to verify this in the Windows registry by looking at the registry key. And then, I was in. WeTransfer is a slick application which allows you to send large files to a friend or colleague, and which completely eliminates the process of sharing a file in Google Docs or Dropbox.

The free version allows you to send files up to 2Gb in size. A paid version allows you to send files up to 20GB in size, and you can have a custom download page. Boss works from home. Boss wants to have access to QuickBooks accounting, running on Windows. Boss is a Mac person. So, we have two problems…one of access to the QuickBooks data file, which is running on a dedicated server, and the cross-platform problem of running Quickbooks on a Mac.

After talking this through VPN? It got pricey though, so I found that TeamViewer does the job for free. FileMaker is offering their Buy 1, Get 1 deal through December 20th. In the U.

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Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Thanks from sharing, a very good suggestion even almost 5 years after… Reply. Santiago Perez 25 October at 9pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

Email required Address never made public. Name required. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Follow Following. Innovate or Die. Sign me up. KB Database search feature: prefer a normal log line for tables with no matching data type, so the "Found rows" column has a number, to fix wrong sorting function COALESCE is identified as plain text, not function issue Non-synchronized checkbox state on privileges in user manager tree issue Auto-scroll grid when tabbing through cells Run SQL button disabled after reconnect issue Don't repeat running prompt to reload a file after multiple external changes issue Fix identifier quoting when creating a foreign key in a database with dots in its name issue Increase maximum pixel width of status bar panels slightly, so these better fit with a larger font size.

Assets 2 Source code zip Source code tar. Grab it from the download page 3rd party updates: update VCL Styles Utils code get latest bugfixes for VirtualTrees component upgrade installer compilation to InnoSetup v6. Grab it from the download page 3rd party updates: move to new Delphi v Closes Sort collations alphabetically, in drop-down of column editor in table designer.

Closes Allow free typing in collation drop-down for collations in a column. Set to empty string if user typed a non existent item. Closes Provide columns of selected table in completion proposal of query editors, but only if left side strings don't dictate a different table. Closes 9. Closes Issue : give labels on preferences dialog more horizontal space, for longer translations, synchronize space over all tabs, and fix some tab orders Issue : give labels on session manager more horizontal space, for longer translations Issue : implement an owner-draw approach for column headers in data grid, and paint sort icons as text, including a superscript number of its index Convert TSynHotKey's to standard VCL THotKey's.

And finally remove code extension in SynEditMiscClasses which I accidentally overwrote on updates several times. Also, cancel execution of further files when user presses the cancel button Add informative message in log panel after running SQL files, and play a short "OK" sound. This should probably be an "Error" sound when the file s had errors.

Will still be an issue for newer MySQL versions. Allow underscores in IP address wildcards of users, in conjunction with --skip-name-resolve on the server. Fixes loading more rows after first page on large SQLite tables. Closes Use different sets of characters not requiring quotes, per connection type. Use that to force quotes around columns with uppercase characters in PostgreSQL.

Closes Use ValidateNode to initialize all column nodes early, so they keep their FColumn data after click on Remove button. Closes Set minimum window height of session manager. Closes Issue : get quick filter items in "More values" working again without crash Issue : reuse progress animation dialog when running multiple SQL files, and fix several focus stealing issues Fix non-ghosted icons in database tree, temporarily in VirtualTrees.

The right place for that fix would be in TVirtualImageList. Closes Safety assignment for connection otherwise created by command line. This also fixes many of the v PrepareRegistry, which were just a symptom of that endless loop.

Thanks to als on Github for pointing me in this direction. Grab it from the download page New features and enhancements in this version: Theme preview in preferences dialog "Library" dropdown in session manager, to enhance support for older and newer MySQL and MariaDB versions Various new shortcuts in the "Go to" menu, e.

This is a new release with quite a few new features, some enhancements and many bugfixes. This is a bugfix release with a few new features and enhancements. Grab it from the download page New features: Expect regular expression in filter text on right panel, not a simple string. Keep searching case insensitive, as in prior logic. Add text hint to filter box so the user knows he can enter a regular expression here.

Add new TAction for clearing query log, and assign it to the rightclick menu item of it. Add custom setting for number of days to keep queries in the query history. Adds a new button in the lower left on that dialog. ListDatabasesGetText, to fix a sporadic crash after dropping a database.

Closes 33 Temporarily disable local number formatting in data grid while the search dialog is open. Prevent TMainForm. Don't export data for virtual columns. Fixes 5. Fixes issue 2. New attempt to fix menu and buttons flicker on Win10, this time by with the help of Delphi Detours library. DetectUSEQuery which removes too much of trailing quotes in a database name. This way the filter may end with a comment without breaking the rest of it.

Fix compiler warning Fix crash when taskbar button interface is not available for some reason. For example "mycolumn" or " mycolumn " Display that text in the preferences editor panel for SQL colors. The old msgfmt. Remove debug code. If that still fails, give the user a hint to select the right index. Just a few additional highlighter keywords and one code change for background coloring included.

Attempt to add an error string which Windows provides after a failed call to LoadLibrary. Reasonably increase and unify design time dimensions of object editors to x pixels Remove per-row comment in PHP array grid export, which blows up the result. Execute when distinguishing between text and binary data types.

This is a maintenance release with quite some additional new features and enhancements. Support procedures and functions in "Find text on server" dialog. Make keep-alive-interval customizable in "Advanced" tab on session manager. Display the version of libpq. Support wildcard options in "Find text on server" dialog in a new drop down box, to provide a possibility to find exact matches. Support Windows authentication via command line parameter W or winauth.

Accept SSL session settings as command line parameters. Add some hotkeys for focusing table filter, database tree and main tabs. Also, add a new main menu with these actions, so the user can look up these hotkeys. Internally handle MySQL's native column types in an enumeration, not as constants. See mysql. Translate SynEdit shortcut captions. Increase width of shortcut tree, so new translations have enough room. Update SynEdit component Remember size of completion proposal between sessions.

Rephrase confirmation message for running unsafe queries.

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