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apt-get install tightvncserver xtightvncviewer Both Karl J. Runge's x11vnc and x0rfbserver from heXoNet allow remote control of an existing X server's. Karl Runge (, was the author of x11vnc and ssvnc and apparently worked with and adapted tightVNC. x11vnc is a VNC server, it allows one to view remotely and x11vnc does not create an extra display (or X desktop) for remote control. TEAMVIEWER LOCKING REMOTE COMPUTER

Embedding this into a systemd. By default, x11vnc will accept the first VNC session and shutdown when the session disconnects. In order to avoid that, start x11vnc with either the -many or the -forever argument, like this:. Hit connect, and you should be set. You need to have SSH installed and configured. Use the -localhost flag with x11vnc for it to bind to the local interface. The factual accuracy of this article or section is disputed. Xauthority directory. For the server to listen to the same TCP6 port, also use the -rfbportv6 option to force the IPv6 listening port.

For example:. If copying and pasting does not work as expected, particularly if pasting to the remote side is not working or clipboard behaviour is not as expected, try adding -xkb :. This extension is known to cause issues [4] [5] [6] [7] , and it may cause the session to close unexpectedly with caught XIO error messages appearing at the log. This issue can be circumvented by using the -noxdamage option.

This article or section needs language, wiki syntax or style improvements. See Help:Style for reference. To fix this, we need to create another systemd service that will start another x11vnc server in the GNOME Shell session as soon as you log in:. Now, as you might notice, x11vnc-gnome-shell. This presents a problem if we want to stop the x11vnc-gdm. This can be accomplished using sudo , but we need to allow the execution of only that specific command without a password.

This can be done as follows:. Execute visudo 8 as root:. Now you simply need to enable x11vnc-gdm. To run x11vnc when the system boots into SDDM if the aforementioned methods do not work for you , just edit x11vnc. Disable the old x11vnc. Reenable the x11vnc. A setup like this could be useful if you need to share your desktop with several people that you do not trust and if you do not want to manually change the password every time.

Such a setup would generate boot-unique passwords, so if you share your password with someone, you only need to reboot your computer or re-run the systemd service to change the password. First install the expect package. You can access the current password with. By Bradley Mitchell Bradley Mitchell. Reviewed by Chris Selph. Tweet Share Email. Apps Best Apps Payment Services. What We Like. What We Don't Like.

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Set up VNC server to always run (forever) with x11vnc.

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